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History and Philosophy

The academic courses and programs in this department are designed to help students learn about past events and ideas but also to help students develop skills in analytical thinking and expression. Together these help prepare students for success along a variety of academic and professional career paths. These may include education, public service, or postgraduate study in the humanities or social studies, or in such applied fields as law, religion, and business.

Department of History and Philosophy

In the Department of History and Philosophy you’ll never be just another face in the crowd. The courses, programs, and extracurricular opportunities that are available revolve around YOU! With offerings on campus and online during the regular academic year and over breaks, the department offers students the flexibility to complete not only general degree requirements but entire programs of study at their own pace and in a way that fits into their schedule. With a faculty made up of scholars recognized not only regionally but nationally as well, students have the chance to learn from and work with experts in their fields. With a variety of opportunities outside the classroom, including award-winning student organizations recognized across campus and around the country, majors and non-majors alike will find plenty to do.




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The study of history focuses on explaining why or how things have changed over time. It also teaches humility and understanding by studying people living in the past as it promotes the importance of civic responsibility and moral understanding in the present. Studying history provides students the opportunity to learn how to research, communicate, and think critically while also preparing them for many careers such as business, law, education, journalism, government, and research.

History class
Philosophy and Religion

The Philosophy and Religion program explores the big questions facing humanity. Our classes are designed to encourage students to think critically and creatively about human existence and the nature of reality. The Philosophy and Religion Major and Minors emphasize critical reasoning and logical analysis; an understanding of the many methods of human inquiry; a survey of the history of philosophy and the history of ethics; the analysis and appreciation of values and their application to moral and political issues; a reflective and tolerant exploration of religion; and the growth of a personal philosophy based on the lifelong search for and appreciation of truth, knowledge, goodness, and beauty. 

The Philosophy and Religion Major is good background for many different career fields and courses of graduate study.  Students can concentrate in Philosophical, Religious, or Ethical Studies, according to their interests and goals.

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APSU professor explores Kentucky's WWII POW camps in new book

Dr. Antonio Thompson, professor of history at APSU, has devoted decades of research to exploring how the United States' prisoner-of-war program helped defeat the Axis powers during World War II. His latest book, "Axis Prisoners of War in Kentucky: Behind Barbed Wire in the Bluegrass State, 1941-1946," highlights the complex social dynamics within POW camps and how their work supported the state's tobacco industry.

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Holocaust History: Crimes of the Wehrmacht at APSU on April 4

History Professor Dr. David Snyder and the Tennessee Holocaust Commission will host a Holocaust lecture on April 4, 2024, from 7-8 p.m. in the Gentry Auditorium, located inside the Kimbrough Building. The event is free and open to the public, with preregistration required. 

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APSU students unearth Clarksville's forgotten Black history through research into 1900s

A group of students at Austin Peay State University is uncovering forgotten stories about Clarksville's African American communities in the early 20th century, from a 103-year-old farmer to a robust district of Black entrepreneurialism on Marion Street.

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Antonio Thompson and the cover of his book

APSU history professor’s new books look at World War II POWs in Tennessee and Kentucky

Dr. Antonio Thompson explores this forgotten element of local and national history in his new book, "Axis Prisoners of War in Tennessee: Coerced Labor and the Captive Enemy on the Home Front, 1941-1946."