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Leadership: Concentration Strategic Leadership

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Why Study Strategic Leadership

Students pursuing this concentration will gain insights on organizational strategy, conflict management and negotiation, and organizational change. Students are exposed to concepts that increase their capacity to lead people and organizations with strategic agility, enhanced critical thinking skills, and the ability to navigate complex challenges. These skills serve students who are interested in understanding the behavioral science of leadership as a basis for effectively implementing change and solving problems.

Students with an undergraduate degree from any discipline are invited to apply for admission. Students interested in learning more about organizational strategy, conflict management, team leadership, practical research methods for leaders, professional communication skills, organizational ethics, power dynamics, and leadership theory will be well-prepared to complete the program.


NACE Career Readiness competencies addressed in the program:

Admission Requirements

For information related to admission requirements or to view the courses within each program, please visit the graduate bulletin.

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What will I Learn

Students who earn a Master of Science in Leadership with a concentration in Strategic Leadership will be able to:

Sample Course Plan

Leadership: Strategic Leadership, MSL