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Nursing: Concentration RN to BSN

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Why complete the RN to BSN at APSU?

APSU offers a 100% online program for registered nurses to complete a BSN degree. The faculty are highly effective instructors with noteworthy nursing experience, understanding the importance of the advancement of one's career. Nurses wishing to further their education find the online 24-hour accessibility of all coursework convenient and manageable. The organization of the program's curriculum into 8-week semesters allows for a quicker pathway to completion. Scholarship opportunities are also available.

APSU participates in a statewide articulation agreement for RN to BSN students with a goal of enhancing the educational mobility of RN's. APSU offers opportunities for scholarships for RN to BSN students. The agreement guides transfer credit between associate and baccalaureate programs resulting in many of the nursing pre-requisites already being met. Also offered are unique elective opportunities for nurses to begin the process of obtaining a specialized practice certification in acute care and holistic nursing.


What will I learn?

Nursing is an ever-changing discipline. With the RN to BSN program at APSU, you will gain exposure to a wider range of nursing competencies not typically taught in an associate degree program such as:

What engagement opportunities are available to APSU students?

APSU fosters a positive campus environment that encourages active participation in university life. Organizations and honor societies in which students can engage are SNA at APSU, the school chapter of the TSNA (Tennessee Student Nurses Association) and NSNA (National Student Nurses Association) and the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma.)

What Do Nursing: Concentration RN to BSN Majors Do After Graduation?

Experienced nurses are often called on to supervise other nurses, teach essential nursing skills to students, handle administrative tasks and even conduct research.

The best nurses are patient, organized and compassionate. They can think on their feet and pay close attention to detail. A good nurse must be able to handle high-stress situations and embrace opportunities to learn new skills every day. A BSN is a stepping stone to a Masters degree in Nursing.

  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse
  • Physician's Office Nurse
  • School Nurse
  • Camp Nurse
  • Staff Nurse
  • Home Health Nurse
  • Hospice Nurse
  • Surgery Nurse
  • Critical Care Nurse
  • Emergency Room Nurse
  • Managed Care Nurse
  • Graduate School opportunities

Professional Licensure Disclosure

Students should be aware that licensure and certification requirements vary from state to state and are subject to change. Licensing agencies or boards also may have requirements in addition to an earned degree. APSU has not made a determination whether APSU’s programs will meet all of the licensure and certification requirements in each US state or territory.  APSU recommends that students who are not Tennessee residents or who plan to seek licensure or certification outside the state of Tennessee contact the appropriate licensing agency or board before they enroll in an academic program designed to lead to licensure or certification and discuss their plans with an advisor.

Please visit the Professional Licensure Disclosure webpage to review specific licensure information for your state and academic program.

Meet APSU nursing majors.
Hunter Burkhart
Hunter Burkhart

"The program at Austin Peay has been great for building my confidence and showing me that Austin Peay nurses really do make some great nurses."

Jessica Sheers
Jessica Sheers

"My hands-on internship experience was more than just shadowing someone; the real work I did solidified my desire to be a nurse."