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Engineering Technology: Concentration Manufacturing Engineering Technology

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Why study Manufacturing Engineering Technology 

The engineering technology degree offered by APSU is ideal for students who are interested in engineering and technology and who want to focus more on the practical aspects and on being a “doer.” This degree works well for people with industrial and/or military experience who are a bit older than the average college student and are seeking a degree as a path to new career opportunities. With our manufacturing engineering technology concentration, graduates are well-prepared for careers in this area. An engineering technology degree offers a path to employment in the field of engineering and technology. For the student with practical skills and interests but may not have been the top math student in their class, this degree can be the perfect fit. With its focus on applications and more limited requirements in mathematics, it is a very good fit to the person who has been in the workplace and now needs a degree for advancement.

The Engineering Technology department in APSU offers degrees in engineering technology. This is similar to but not the same thing as a degree in engineering. An engineering technology degree puts more emphasis on applications and less on mathematics and theory. The focus of an engineering technology degree is to prepare a graduate to be a “doer” – to implement a plan, to work out the details, solve the problems, and make something work. When compared to a mechanical engineering degree program, the math requirements are not as high, and the classes focus more on applications. The BS Engineering Technology - Manufacturing Concentration program will prepare you to work in all types of manufacturing industries designing and improving processes. You’ll develop a broad background and gain hands-on experience in many areas including manufacturing processes, automated manufacturing, computer-aided design and manufacturing, fixture and tooling design. Project management, engineering economic analysis and communication skills are also important parts of this program. The region around APSU is home to many Manufacturing industrial employers, and these employers need people for their design and manufacturing teams with qualifications in the manufacturing field. Our graduates can be found working for
industrial employers throughout the region and beyond. Our degree programs have helped many people find a better career and given them the basis for career advancement.

We are unique in that we offer the entire degree program in the evening at the Army Education Center at Fort Campbell. People who are working in regional industries and have to be at work during the day can come to us and take courses at night, along with active duty military personnel. Courses at Fort Campbell run on an accelerated, eight-week term schedule. For the more traditional college student, we offer some
first-year courses during the daytime on the Clarksville campus following the traditional sixteen-week term schedule as well. With courses in the evenings, students are free to look for internships and even full-time employment during the day. This is ideal, as most employers expect interns to work during regular business hours.

The faculty teaching the courses have a range of backgrounds and experience. The department has a mix of senior, experienced faculty as well as new faculty coming on board. All have either Masters or Ph.D. degrees. One of the faculty in the manufacturing engineering technology is an experienced Manufacturing Engineer from the regional industry. The department also brings in engineers from industry as adjunct faculty to teach classes.

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Sample Course Plan and General Education Requirements

Engineering Technology: Manufacturing Engineering Technology Sample 4 Year Plan

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The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology with concentration in Manufacturing Engineering Technology (B.S.E.T) is "accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org."