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Computer Science and Quantitative Methods: Concentration Predictive Analytics

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Why Study Predictive Analytics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers several related undergraduate and master’s level programs, including actuarial science, statistics, data science, predictive analytics, and mathematical finance.  There are currently more than eighty students in the master’s program.  Predictive analytics program is offered entirely online as well as face-to-face.  Many of our students attend conferences and present their research while working closely with the faculty

With the advent of information technology, artificial intelligence, and big data, the demand for data scientists, statisticians, and applied mathematicians has exploded across industries.  There is a universal need for individuals with strong problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to communicate complex ideas in clear, nontechnical ways, and the career outlook for these individuals is very favorable.  

This program is for students interested in building predictive models from data.  Students come from various academic backgrounds including economics, business, mathematics, statistics, computer science, actuarial science, engineering, and physics.  This program prepares students for employment or further graduate study in areas including statistics, data science, computer science, economics, and engineering.  Our graduates are in demand, and have a strong track record for pursuing PhD study or obtaining excellent jobs with companies including Amazon, Nissan, IBM, Goldman-Sachs, FedEx, and American Express.

The predictive analytics faculty members are seasoned graduate mathematics and statistics teachers.  They combine theory with real-life industrial applications, providing quality learning experiences.  All full-time faculty members hold terminal degrees in mathematical or statistical fields, and part-time faculty members have many years of industrial experience.  Many faculty members are engaged in multi-disciplinary research and are active in local, state, or national professional mathematics or statistics organizations. 

Admission Requirements

For information related to admission requirements (MS or PSM) or to view the courses within the MS or PSM program, please visit the graduate bulletin.

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Computer Science and Quantitative Methods: Predictive Analytics, MS

Computer Science and Quantitative Methods: Predictive Analytics, PSM