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Communication Arts: Concentration General Communication

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The General Communication Concentration is the Department of Communication's most open-ended degree program. It allows students the most elective choices and can help students prepare for doctoral studies by completing a master's thesis.


Admission Requirement

For information related to admission requirements or to view the courses within each program, please visit the graduate bulletin. To apply for admission, click here.


Sample Course Plan

Communication Arts: General Communication, MA



What opportunities are available with this degree?


  • Marketing Professional
  • Public Relations Professional
  • Social Media Professional
  • Community College Instructor
  • Media Production
Robert Baron poses in comm class

Dr. Robert Baron

Associate Professor of Communication

Dr. Baron is an Associate Professor of Communication and the Graduate Program Coordinator for the department of Communication. He received his MA in Communication Studies and his PhD in Rhetoric, Scientific and Technical Communication from the University of Minnesota.

“I love being at a university that does a lot of good to expand the education and intellectual horizons for students in the community and surrounding region.”