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Leadership Science: Concentration Leading Operations

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Why Study Leading Operations

The program will appeal to students with academic, civic, and professional interests in leadership and related topics.  Students with backgrounds in for-profit, non-profit, civic, and military leadership realms might be especially interested.

A particular type of student who would find this program of interest is the student who has already earned an Associates degree (Applied or other) in an area such as Business or Office Administration.  The Leadership Science Bachelors with either of the two Concentrations would position the student to advance their career within their current organization or industry.  The Bachelors degree would serve as a complement to the Associates degree, not a redundancy.

Students looking for a grounding in the social sciences in preparation for graduate work may also find this of interest.

The program combines theory, research, and practice to equip current and future leaders.             

The program is positioned as trail-blazing within the emerging Leadership discipline.  The Seemiller model of student leadership development (Corey Seemiller, 2013) serves as the basis for the design of the Leadership Science Major.  The two Concentrations further allow the student to pursue the avenue of most interest to them – a focus on leading in either the people or operations area.

The Bachelor of Sciences degree with a major in Leadership Science was developed around a conceptual model of leader development that is grounded in the social and behavioral sciences. The majors consists of two components- a major core and a concentration. The major core seeks to develop in all students a set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to such topics as organizational ethics, cultural diversity, organizational behavior, communications, and strategic planning as these topics relate to leadership. In addition, students will develop the ability to consume primary research articles for insights on leader effectiveness. Lastly, students will have the opportunity to learn more about their own leadership potential and areas of self-development. The department offers two concentrations withing the major in Leadership Science - Leading Operations and Leading People.

The Leading Operations concentration consists of courses that address some of the major systems and processes found in most organizations. Students will be exposed to foundational concepts associated with leading operations as well as in-depth exposure to foundational concepts associated with leading operations as well as in-depth exposure to such topics as information technology, legal processes, and financial measurement and analysis. 

Completion of the program positions the student for a variety of leadership opportunities in for profit, non-profit, governmental, and military realms. Also, students are well-positioned to continue on to graduate programs in relevant fields including leadership, social sciences, business, and law. 

Faculty include full-time and adjunct instructors with academic and/or professional backgrounds in leadership and related areas.

What Will I Learn

Sample Course Plan and General Education Requirements

Leading Operations Sample 4 Year Plan

General Education Core