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Chem-Quantitative Analysis

Chemistry: Concentration Biochemistry

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Why this program?

APSU is a great place for chemistry majors for a variety of reasons.  The department boasts a high placement rate for graduates into professional schools and employment opportunities.  Our low student to faculty ratio enables students to have close interactions with their instructors.  All of our classes (both lectures and labs) are taught by professors who get to know each and every student on a first-name basis.  All instruction takes place in state-of–the–art lecture and laboratory facilities.  Undergraduate research within the department is growing and there are opportunities to receive funding to conduct this research with a faculty mentor in a variety of chemical fields.  


What will I learn?

Chemistry is often called the “central science” due to the fundamental role it plays in every aspect of the world around us.  A student majoring in chemistry has a deep commitment to understanding how our world exists and operates on a molecular level in accordance with the laws of nature.  Chemistry is a very rigorous curriculum that involves physics and mathematics to help students understand the driving forces of the chemical reaction.  There are many branches of chemistry and students often gravitate to specific fields like organic, inorganic, physical, biochemistry, or materials chemistry. 

Engagement Opportunities

APSU fosters a positive campus environment that encourages active participation in university life.  

After Graduation?