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Bookstore Debit Program and Book Vouchers

Bookstore Debit

Students who have credits on their accounts may be able to use the Bookstore Debit Program. This program allows the students to charge books and supplies at the campus bookstore. Dates of availability can be found in the Important Dates for the Student Account Service's & Cashier's Office.

To qualify to use your financial aid refund for the APSU Bookstore Debit Program:

Book Voucher

If your financial aid has not fully processed but you were approved for a book voucher based on estimated financial aid (typically through a fee deferment), you may charge books and supplies at the campus bookstore. The book voucher may only be used during a certain timeframe, as outlined on Financial Aid's Important Dates. Vouchers should not be used if aid has disbursed. If you use a book voucher with disbursed aid on your account, and you have been sent a refund, you will owe a balance to the university. Book voucher amounts are limited as indicated below:

To qualify for a book voucher: