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General Forms 

Additional Financial Aid Resources - This form is used to notify the Financial Aid Office of any additional expected financial aid resources that are not indicated on your award letter.

Authorization Form - Federal regulations require authorization from the student to use Title IV funds to pay prior term charges within the same academic year, and current non-educational charges.  You can complete the authorization form online through AP self-service. Allows students to use the Bookstore Debit Program.

Budget Increase Form - Students cannot borrow loans or receive financial aid in excess of their budget (financial aid cost of attendance). If a student has not received their maximum award due to meeting their budget, they may complete a budget increase request. Note: If you have received your maximum loan amounts, a budget increase will likely not be approved.

Course Not Applicable to Aid - Federal regulations require certain types of Financial Aid to be applied to only courses which count in a student's program of study. This form is used if you are registered for courses which do not count in your degree program.

Dependency Override Request - This form is to request an override of a student's Dependency Status determined by the US Department of Education. Supporting documentation is required.

Independent Status Determination Request (formerly Dependency Override Request)- This form is for students whose FAFSA was submitted without parental information due to unusual circumstances.

Dependency Override Request for Marriage -This form is used to request an override of a student's dependency status, determined by the U.S. Department of Education, due to marriage. Supporting documentation is required.

Fee Deferment Request - If you would like to request a fee deferment, follow the instructions given here. Please note that these are only available shortly before a term begins, and may not be approved.

Financial Aid Cancellation Request - Use this form if you will be transferring or withdrawing from Austin Peay State University.

Parent PLUS Authorization - Federal regulations require authorization from the parent to use Parent PLUS funds to pay prior term charges within the same academic year, and current non-educational charges. Your student may not utilize Parent PLUS funds for the Bookstore Debit Program Bookstore Debit Program without authorization.

Special Circumstances Request This form is to be completed only if a significant change in your family circumstances occurs. For example, loss of parent/student/spouse's income, separation or divorce of student/parents, death of parent/spouse. Supporting documentation is required.

TEACH Grant Application - This form is used to apply for the Federal TEACH Grant. 

Unusual Enrollment History Form - This form will be completed by students who have been identified as having Unusual Enrollment History. Unusual Enrollment History is defined as receiving federal aid funds at multiple institutions in the past three years.