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Consortium Agreement Information

If you are interested in enrolling simultaneously at APSU and another eligible post-secondary institution, a consortium agreement may be used. Using a consortium agreement combines the hours at both institutions for financial aid purposes.

APSU as the Home School indicates that your degree will come from APSU and you are enrolling as a transient student at another eligible post-secondary institution.

APSU as the Host School indicates that you are enrolling at APSU as a transient student and your degree will come from another eligible post-secondary institution.

Allow time for processing by two schools (minimum of 2-3 weeks).

  • APSU will award, disburse, and monitor compliance with APSU policies and procedures.
  • Financial aid is disbursed according to the APSU disbursement schedule.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to pay all charges due to the host school. If tuition and fees are due at the host school prior to financial aid being disbursed to the student’s account at APSU, it is his or her responsibility to pay the host school.
  • Host school will verify enrollment, tuition and fees, and room and board costs, course descriptions, and changes in enrollment status.
  • Host school will NOT award student federal financial aid.
  • Student must be enrolled and accepted for admission as a degree seeking student at APSU. Student must enroll as a “transient” student at the host school.
  • Consortium Agreement Form with sections completed by student, host school and the APSU Office of the Registrar must be on file with Student Financial Aid prior to completion of the consortium.
  • Student is required to enroll for a minimum of 6 credit hours at APSU for the entire term (this does not include summer terms) in order to receive financial aid. Consortiums will not be processed for students who are not enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours at APSU during the fall or spring terms other than for those enrolled in a two plus two program or documented special circumstances where it is necessary for the student to enroll less than half time at APSU.
    • APSU will process consortiums as home school when a student is not enrolled in the minimum 6 credit hours required by policy when the following conditions exist:
      • Two-Plus-Two programs: Partnerships between a two-year school and APSU that facilitates a student completing the last two years of his or her four-year degree at the home school.
      • Student submits a letter from an academic advisor verifying a legitimate need for the student to enroll less than half time at APSU.
  • An APSU academic advisor or Registrar Office staff must certify coursework at the host institution is applicable to the APSU degree plan.
  • Student must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) guidelines for APSU. Courses taken at the host school are treated the same as APSU courses for SAP.
  • Student is required to send an academic transcript from the Host School to the Admissions Office at APSU upon completion of the term of this agreement. A hold will be placed on future financial aid until the transcript is received and reviewed.
  • If student drops or withdraws from a course(s), APSU's normal repayment policies apply.
  • A student’s cost of attendance (COA) is calculated using actual tuition and fees at the host school as well as APSU (if applicable), and all other APSU budget components no matter if the student is solely enrolled at the host or both at the host and APSU.
  1. Read and complete Page 1 of APSU's Consortium Agreement Form and submit to the Financial Aid Office of your Host School (where you will be enrolling as a transient student).
  2. Once the Financial Aid Office at the Host School receives the consortium agreement form, they will complete the Host School section of the form. They will then send the form to the APSU Office of Student Financial.
  3. Once APSU receives the form, it is forwarded to the Office of the Registrar for course approval. The Registrar verifies the classes are applicable to your degree at APSU.
  4. The Financial Aid Office verifies all required paperwork has been submitted, determines the amounts to be used in the cost of attendance, and awards applicable aid for the term the student will attend at the host school.
  5. The Consortium Agreement will take time to process. It is the student’s responsibility to work out payment arrangements with the Host School. A payment will likely not be credited to your APSU account before fee payment deadline at the Host School.
  6. APSU disburses funds according to our disbursement schedule. If the term has begun, your refund is normally within 7-10 business days after final receipt of the completed documents.
  7. An e-mail notification will be sent to your APSU email account when your consortium is complete.
  • Students must contact their home institution to discuss consortium policies and determine if their financial aid office will enter into a consortium agreement with APSU. The consortium must be initiated at the home school.
  • Students entering into a consortium agreement with APSU as the host school must be admitted to APSU as a transient student.
  1. Student applies and is admitted to APSU as a transient student.
  2. Student contacts the home institution to complete the Consortium Agreement.
  3. The Consortium Agreement is forwarded to APSU's Student Financial Aid Office in order for the host section to be completed.
  4. APSU completes the Consortium Agreement and sends it to the student's home institution.
  5. Student makes payment arrangements with APSU and confirms their courses.
    • As the host institution, we will defer fees up to the amount of funds the other school has confirmed the student will receive. Students must contact their home institution to request an email be sent to the Office of Student Financial Aid (sfao@apsu.edu) indicating the amount of aid the student will receive.
  • Students may qualify for TELS awards while attending two schools using the Consortium Agreement Form.
  • TELS award(s) for future terms cannot be determined until final transcripts are reviewed from the host institution.
  • See Important Dates for the TELS disbursement schedule(s).
  • Students only enrolling at an eligible community college are paid TELS at the two-year institution rates.