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Dropping Modular Courses (Fall A, Fall B, & etc.)

What is a Module? A module is defined as any time there is a course within a period (Fall or Spring semester) and/or if a course does not span the entire payment period or period of enrollment.

Example 1
Jane is enrolled in 12 credit hours at Fall Main Campus. She received a Pell grant disbursement of $2,822.50 for being full-time. Jane decides to drop her 3 credit hour COMM 1010 part B course (which doesn’t start until Oct 15). Jane is now enrolled 9 hrs. Since Jane never attended COMM 1010, $705.50 in Pell grant will be returned to the Department of Education. Jane now has a $705.50 billing with the university.

Example 2
John is enrolled in 3 hrs. Spring I and is registered to attend 3 hrs. Spring II at Fort Campbell. John is considered half-time for financial aid. A $1,750 subsidized loan disburses to his account. John decides to drop his 3 credit hour course before the Pell Recalculation Date of class at Spring II. Since John dropped his course he is now considered less than ½ time. John is not eligible for the loan. The Office of Student Financial Aid is required to return his $1,750 subsidized loan to the Department of Education. John now has a $1,750 billing with the university.