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Fee Deferments


As the start of the term nears, students may experience situations where their financial aid awards have not been awarded. Students experiencing this issue may be waiting for verification review to be completed or may be late applicants. There are two options students may utilize so their classes will not be dropped.

Option One:

Pay your fees. For full details about paying your bill please visit the Student Account Services & Cashier's Office website at Student Account Services & Cashier's Office.

Option Two:

Complete the authorization for a financial aid fee deferment via AP OneStop.  You may be eligible if:

Deferments are based on estimated student loan eligibility and/or scholarships. We cannot determine eligibility for grants until your verification is complete.

A deferment is a legal agreement to pay charges due. Should your financial aid be less than anticipated, you are responsible for paying all charges to the university.

Depending on your expected financial aid award amount and total education cost, a full financial aid fee deferment may not be permitted. However, a partial fee deferment may be authorized. If this occurs, you will receive an email indicating a partial fee deferment has been authorized and further instructions. A partial fee deferment does not confirm courses. Students granted a partial fee deferment are required to pay any charges over the amount of the partial deferment in order to confirm courses.

Online Fee Deferment Request Availability

Semester Open Close Open Close
 Winter Term Dec 11 Dec 15 @ noon    
 Spring @ Clarksville Jan 02 Jan 08 @noon Jan 09 Jan 12 @ noon
Spring I @ Ft. Campbell Jan 02 Jan 12 @ noon Jan 16 Jan 17 @ noon
Spring II @ Ft. Campbell Mar 05 Mar 13 @ noon  Mar 14  Mar 15 @ noon