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Advance Payment

Advance Payment is only available for Chapters 30, 32, 35, and 1606.   

Students under Chapters 31, 33, and 1607 do not qualify for advance payment.   

An advance payment provides a student with benefit payments at the beginning of the term to assist with school expenses at the beginning of the term. Advance payment pays the monthly benefit for the first and second month of the term in advance, but you will not receive another payment until the end of the third month. (The first month will only pay from the start date of classes through the end of that month.)   

Example: Advance payment for Fall would pay the student from 24 August to 30 September, but you would not receive another payment until the beginning of November.  

In order to qualify for advance payment, a student must:  

When the advance payment (U.S. Treasury check) is received by our office:  

After the first day of classes, our office will submit the Certification of Delivery (VA form 22-1999V) to verify your enrollment and receipt of the check.  Participation in advance payment is voluntary on the part of schools.