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1098-T Form 

The 1098-T tax form has the information you, or whomever claims you on their tax return, will need for the tuition and fees deduction and/or an education credit. This IRS form is entitled "Tuition Statement." You can view or print the form from OneStop. If you are having trouble logging into your OneStop account, you can contact GovsTech at 931-221-HELP (4357).

We use the 1098-T form to report information about our students to the IRS, as required by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. We are required to submit each student's name, address and taxpayer identification number (TIN), enrollment and academic status. We also must report to the IRS information concerning amounts pertaining to qualified tuition and related expenses, as well as scholarships and/or grants, taxable or not. 

How do I use the 1098-T form?

We provide a 1098-T form to each applicable student that has any charges or scholarships/grants during that calendar year. This form is for informational purposes only, and alerts students that they may be eligible for federal income tax education credits. This form should NOT be considered as tax opinion or advice. While it is a good starting point, the 1098-T, as designed and regulated by the IRS, does not contain all of the information needed to claim a tax credit. There is no IRS requirement that you must claim the tuition and fees deduction or an education credit. Claiming education tax benefits is a voluntary decision for those who qualify. 

How can I get a copy of my 1098-T form?

Each January we generate the 1098-T forms for the previous year. You can select to receive this form via OneStop or mailed to your mailing address of record. If you select to have it mailed, it will mail out automatically by January 31st. We suggest getting the form via OneStop for the following benefits:

  1. You will receive your 1098-T form online quicker than by postal mail.
  2. Your 1098-T forms will be maintained on OneStop and can be printed at any time.
  3. You can eliminate the possibility of your 1098-T form getting lost in the mail.
  4. You can aid in the Student Accounts Services Office effort in APSU having a sustainable campus and make this a "paperless" process.

To obtain your 1098-T via OneStop follow the directions below, once it is opened you can view and/or print it for your records.

More Questions?

If you have any tax questions regarding the 1098-T form, please contact your tax professional or visit the IRS website. If you have questions on how to receive your APSU 1098-T form online, please contact the Student Account Services Office at 931-221-6285 or email at SAS@apsu.edu.