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Private Alternative Education Loan

We recommend you borrow from the Federal Direct Student Loan program before considering private or alternative loans. Graduate students should consider a federal Graduate PLUS Loan before applying for a private loan. The terms and conditions of a Federal Student loan may be more favorable.

Private alternative education loans may assist students with the gap between the actual cost of education and the federal loan amount limits you are able to borrow. These loans may assist students who have reached their aggregate Stafford loan limits to complete their education.

Private or alternative loans are provided by lending institutions and their terms may vary. Eligibility will require a credit check and may require a co-signer to qualify.

If you would like to apply for the private alternate loan, we encourage you to research and compare the options and terms such as interest rates, special fees and repayment options. There are multiple lenders that offer these loans and you may apply for a loan with any lender of your choice.

If you borrow a private loan, note there is a two week waiting period before the funds will apply to your student account.

To review private loan information, go to the interactive FASTChoice website.