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HIP Quotes

High Impact Practices (HIPs) are effortful experiences that help students build substantive relationships, engage across differences, gain valuable feedback on their work, apply what they have learned in and out of the classroom, and provide an opportuntiy for relfection. Check out what our students say about being involved with Student Life and Engagment and how much of an impact this has made on their APSU experience! 

“Since coming into college I have discovered the importance of scholarships and financial aid. As the director of the Miss Austin Peay Scholarship Pageant I have been able to help provide scholarships to women competing in the pageant. Amazing opportunities, such as this pageant, reassures me and my fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon that we are all here for the right reasons. I feel like I have made a difference.”

2015, 2016 Director, Miss Austin Peay Scholarship Pageant  

“Above all else, GPC gave me a sense of community in coming to a school where I did not know anyone. It has allowed me to expand my relationships with both students and administration, and has given me opportunities like presenting at national level conferences, working with vendors, and planning events. GPC has strengthened my skills as a leader by giving me responsibilities I would not have otherwise had, and has allowed me to gain experience that also supported what I was learning in my communication classes.”

2014-2015 President, Govs Programming Council  

“Since holding leadership positions in the Govs Programming Council, I have learned valuable skills such as communication, problem-solving, and social skills. have to be able to communicate with other students on a plethora of topics quickly and efficiently. I have improved these skills by learning how to solve problems in the midst of them occurring and how to prevent them from happening again. These things I’ve learned through GPC will be with me throughout my career.”

2015-2017 President, Govs Programming Council  

“After serving on the Dance Marathon Overall Committee for two years, I still can't find words to describe how much it has impacted on my life. I took away an amazing experience filled with so many new skills, and an attachment to Austin Peay and the event that I can never be thankful for enough. It has solidified my connection with the University.”

2013, 2014 Overall Committee, Dance Marathon

“I was introduced to Dance Marathon my freshman year at Austin Peay. I attended that year as a dancer and was amazed with the event. The next year, I was selected to become part of the Overall Committee.  It has supplemented my college career by teaching me how to be a leader, plan, organize, and orchestrate a major event. It has taught me how to communicate with people about ideas and to make the best choices for the good of everyone. I am proud to be a part of something in my college career that impacts millions of lives around the country and I will continue to support CMN throughout my life.”

2015 Overall Director, Dance Marathon

“Personally, I've gotten to meet many awesome people this year; including Karina! I've gotten to work with amazing students who share the same passion as I do. The Latino Community Resource Center has opened new doors to me, and has helped make new acquaintances that otherwise would not have happened. I plan on becoming more involved this year in the Center by working to help first generation students enroll in college.”

2015-2016 Vice-President, Nuestra Hermandad

“The most valuable part of my position was being able to work with other students to help them reach their goals for their student organization. This will help me after I leave college because I have learned how to work with an extremely diverse population of people and provide them with the materials and information necessary to meet their needs.”

Executive Vice President, Student Organization Council  

“The Latino Community Resource Center has helped me be more involved in campus.  It is a very welcoming environment and has opened my mind to more opportunities related to my culture and to others who share my interest.  The HCC is a place where I feel at home.  It is a place where I do not have to do something to feel accepted but it is a place where I feel loved by people who care for me.  The HCC is my safe haven from the hectic school life.”

Latino Community Resource Center  

“Since I have been involved in the Latino Community Resource Center, I went from being a part of nothing to being a student leader in three separate student organizations. I am very thankful for the friends I made in the HCC who saw the potential in me I hadn't. I have grown as a person in my leadership, communication, problem solving, organizational skills, and so many more. The HCC was the place that allowed me to grow as a student but more importantly as an individual. Everyone else who goes into the HCC has something to teach you, whether it is patience or quick thinking, I am also thankful to all of them.”

Treasurer, First Ladies  

“I’ve learned a lot while serving as Vice President of Marketing for the Student Organization Council. This will help me after I leave college because I am majoring in communications with a focus of public relations, and with getting to promote each organization and speak in front of the organizations helps me be more confident with my future career.  Being involved in my leadership role has helped me by creating professional relationships with other Austin Peay staff and students, and better recognize what an impact all organizations have on this campus. After college, I can use this experience with not only my future career, but with life.”

Vice President of Marketing, Student Organization Council  

“I learned a great deal of patience while serving as SOC President. I can apply this after college because not everything in life will go smoothly, sometimes one needs to practice patience to fully understand others. Being involved in my leadership role has helped my organization by informing them of opportunities and events that are available through APSU. After college, I can use the skills I've gained from my position towards my future leadership endeavors.”  

President, Student Organization Council  

“Being involved in my leadership role has helped me/helped my organization by making pay attention to detail and manage my time effectively.  After college, I can use this experience with SOC to help to with my future organizational skills, leadership skills, and my skills of dealing with others.”

Vice President of Finance, Student Organization Council