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Family Resources

If you think fraternities and sororities are all about parties and socializing, THINK AGAIN! While members of our Greek community do maintain a social life on campus, our organizations strive for their members to be leaders, scholars, and volunteers in every aspect of our community. 

 Academic Success

Academics are a top priority for APSU Greeks. Each chapter is required to maintain a 2.5 average GPA and every member must keep a 2.5 semester GPA. Chapters also compete each semester to earn the highest GPA among Greeks. As a member, your child will have access to tutoring, study hours and other special programs


Accountability is critical to the growth and progress of your student.  We want each student to achieve but we also want to make sure they are following their membership standards set forth by their chapter and the Student Code of Conduct. Members who are involved are expected to uphold and live up to those standards daily. If they do not, they will be held accountable by their peers, the institution, and the inter/national organization depending on the circumstances. 

Appreciation of Diversity

Our community represents the greater Clarksville community; therefore, each day our chapters and our office strive to provide your student the opportunity to develop, grow, and learn in an environment that celebrates diversity and inclusion while also allowing them to have freedom of expression that enhance their learning as a student. 


Austin Peay State University strives to promote values and attitudes that are reflective of solid academic character and integrity. All students are expected to complete their own work and conduct research and author assignments independently of others (unless specifically authorized to work together by your respective faculty).

Academic integrity is the cornerstone of your educational experience. When students participate in behavior that is considered academic misconduct, the scholarly value of their education is diminished.

Additionally, we want each member to live with integrity through their actions and words. What they do today can impact who they are tomorrow. We strive to create community leaders for tomorrow. 

Personal Development 

Greek life offers unique opportunities for hands-on leadership experience. By serving as a chapter officer, event planner, team captain, committee chair or recruitment coordinator, your student will gain valuable leadership skills.


The University has established regulations and certain due process procedures essential to an atmosphere of mutual respect that is sensitive to rights of all individuals. Additionally, we believe that each student deserves respect for self and offers that to others. By respecting self and others, we are able to create a strengthened community of leaders, scholars, and change agents. 


Naturally, each member will associate the most with those individuals that are similar or familiar to them; however, we encourage and support them learning and growing from the different organizations so they create an understanding and appreciation for others. Ultimately, we strive to help students uncover the similarities that exist among all chapters while learning grow appreciate and support those elements that are different than self. It is our intent that your student learn to be less guarded and more inclusive while celebrating our community as a whole.