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Interfraternity Council Recruitment Guidelines

To assure your understanding of important policies affecting the recruitment process and new member education programs, you are requested to read and agree to the following statement.

I understand that:

  1. The Interfraternity Council requires that all interested men register for recruitment through the official IFC Recruitment Registration form. Check the IFC Recruitment Registration tab for more information. 
  2. The Interfraternity Council requires that all interested men with less than 12 college credits have a 2.5 HS GPA. 
  3. Participants with 12 or more college credits must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  4. All participants must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours for the Fall 2021 semester in order to be eligible for recruitment.
  5. I agree that the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs may verify my cumulative GPA from my high school and/or college I have attended and that this information will be released to the individual fraternities.
  6. Alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited from use during Recruitment Week. The Interfraternity Council will dismiss from recruitment anyone found in violation and will refer all violations to the Office of Student Affairs.
  7. Austin Peay State University and the Interfraternity Council are not responsible for the loss, theft of, or damage to personal property of the students.
  8. I am encouraged to attend the maximum number of functions that I can each day of recruitment in order to maximize my chances of receiving an invitation for membership.
  9. If I am to received and accept a bid, I will attending all mandatory new member programming.
  10. I agree to notify the Office Fraternity & Sorority Affairs in writing if I choose to withdraw myself from recruitment.
  11. I reserve the right to not join a fraternity if, in the end of the recruitment week period, that seems best to me.
  12. I understand that participation in Interfraternity Council recruitment is not a guarantee that I will receive a bid to join an Interfraternity Council fraternity. I authorize Austin Peay State University and/or IFC to use my name and likeness in promotional materials. I also allow my name and likeness to be associated with the Greek community. I understand that I will not receive payment or any other compensation in connection with the use of the materials.
  13. If I choose to join a fraternity, I waive my rights granted to me by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and permit APSU to release academic information about me to this sorority/fraternity, advisors associated with the chapter and inter/national headquarters. I understand that this waiver will be in effect until I notify the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs, in writing, that I no longer wish to allow such information to be released. I have read and understand that above regulations and agree to abide by these rules throughout my participation in Interfraternity Council recruitment. Infractions or violations of these regulations could result in termination of membership recruitment privileges.