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Welcome to the GPC Committees

Once you are a member of GPC you are assigned a committee. In these committees you have the opportunity to help coordinate, advertise events, and engage with the student body. While helping with chairs you are able to build points to receive incentive prizes by the end of the semester and school year. These committees are also, a great way for students to get involved around campus, meet new people, build a resume, and some day become a Executive board member. All you have to do is attend our Interest Board meeting every Wednesday @4 in Claxton 103 to learn more!

Peay Spirit and Traditionsseal

         Committee Chair: Jasmine Lewis
Committee Color: Red
Committee Attributes: Energy, Passion, Courage 

Special Events and Social

Committee Chair: Sarah Cleveland 
Committee Color: Light Teal  
Committee Attributes: Individuality, Broad-minded, Welcoming

Diversity and Variety


Committee Chair:
Vacant Position to be Filled Fall 2024      
Committee Color: Dark Teal    
Committee Attributes: Insightful, Hopeful, Revitalization

Cinema and Performing Arts

photo of gpc cinema seal

Committee Chair: Shalaya Perkins
Committee Color: Yellow     
Committee Attributes: Optimism, Creativity, Happiness 

Public Relations


Committee Chair: Kimberly Gonzalez
Co-chair: Vacant Position to be Filled Fall 2024 
Committee Color: Black 
Committee Attributes: Strength, Sophistication, Prestige