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Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Safety and Security

Q. Who can my student contact if they want to be escorted by security to another location on campus or to their vehicle?

A. For the safety and convenience of the campus community, APSU Campus Police provides a security escort service within the confines of the campus. The security escort service operates 24/7. To obtain an escort, phone 931-221-7786.

Q. Is there anything my student can do if they notice something that looks out of the ordinary?

A. Send ANONYMOUS texts or picture messages to Campus Police at 931-494-6672.

Q. What does APSU do to ensure my student is safe on campus?


Q. What can my student do to stay safe on campus?


Q. Does APSU have an emergency notification system?

A.  Yes, Students may sign up to receive alerts via text or email through Rave Alert. Use the following website to register: www.apsu.edu/emergency-managment/emergency-notifications/index. They can sign you up as well! The University also has a siren on campus to help alert the campus community about severe weather and instructions.

Boyd Health Services

Q. What are the hours for Health Services?

A: Physician Hours

B. Nurse practitioner hours

Q. What services are offered?

A. Health Services offers primary and preventive care, women's and men's health, immunizations and allergy shots. Appointments recommended but no required. There is no charge for currently enrolled students to be seen at Health Services.

Q. Where can I find the answers to all of my questions about Health Services?

A. The Boyd Health Services website or call 931-221-7707.

Financial Aid

Q. When does my student need to apply for financial aid?

A. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) should be completed each year and becomes available October 1. Certain types of financial aid are available only on a first-come, first-served basis, so do not delay in submitting the FAFSA. APSU's FAFSA code is 003478.

Q. Who is eligible to receive financial aid?

A.  Please refer to the list of eligibility requirements

Q. How will my student be notified of a financial aid award?

A. Award notifications will be sent via AP email and may be viewed on AP One Stop. Students should follow instructions on OneStop for accepting awards. Allow time for accepting awards as this requires review of federal award information.

Q. What is federal work study and how does my student qualify?

A. Federal Work Study is an employment program sponsored by the Federal Government. To apply the student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year, and meet the priority published deadline dates as well as the federal eligibility requirements. Learn More about Federal Work Study

Q. Who can I speak with if I am confused with the financial aid process?

A. Your student should contact his/her financial aid counselor for answers. Please refer to the list of counselors.

Center for Academic Support & Enrichment

Q. What services are offered at the Center for Academic Support & Enrichment?


Q. What is FERPA and how does it affect my student and me?

A. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of your student's education records. Once your child turns 18 or attends a school beyond high school, you can no longer access his or her records without consent according to federal law. If you want to access your student's APSU records, he or she must complete the FERPA: Student Release of Confidential Information form. Your student must submit the form to the Registrar’s Office in Ellington Building, Room 316. Our staff will check to see if a FERPA form is on file prior to discussion your student's record. Your student can also provide you access to their OneStop by giving you his/her login information, where you can view financial aid, student accounts, class schedules and grades.

Q. Where can I access the University Academic Calendar?

A. The Academic Calendar can be accessed at www.apsu.edu/academic-calendar. Be sure to click on the correct term on the website. You can select from fall or spring, Clarksville campus, and Fort Campbell campus.

Q. Where can my student get a transcript?

A. Students may request copies of transcripts from the Office of the Registrar at any time permitting there are no holds on the student's account. Students may also request a transcript online from AP One Stop.  

Q. What is the fee for a transcript and how quickly are transcripts processed?

A. There is no charge for transcripts unless students are requesting for the transcript to be faxed. The fee for faxing a transcript is $1.00 per a page. Transcript requests will be processed in the order received. Please allow 5-7 business days to process transcripts submitted through AP OneStop. Please allow 7-14 business days to process all other transcript requests.

Q. What is the Degree Compass?

A. This is a course recommendation system developed by Austin Peay to help students find courses based on their talents and majors. It is designed to assist students with achieving success in their classes and uses previous courses taken and success in those courses.

Parking and Transportation

Q. What does my student need to be able to park on campus?

A. Students are required to register their vehicle to park on campus.  Students can register their vehicle at this link. Resident students must park in their assigned hall parking lot. Commuters must park in lots designated in green or open parking (black). Students should not park in ADA or designated blue parking spaces without the proper registration for that parking space. Doing so will result in a state-enforced parking fine of $200.

Q. Does APSU provide transportation around campus?

A. Yes, in partnership with the Clarksville Transit System (CTS), the Student Government Association provides students FREE transportation around campus via the Peay Pickup trolley and FREE transportation around town on CTS buses. Students must present their valid APSU ID and a valid Peay Pick up card to access the free rides on the Trolley and CTS buses. Students receive their Peay Pick up card with their parking pass or they can pick one up in the lobby of the University Center the first few days of class.

Q. What are the hours of operation for the Peay Pickup trolley?

A. Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., through final exams each semester

Q. Do students need to be able to provide any form of identification to ride for free?

A. Yes, APSU students, faculty, and staff must show the Peay Pickup trolley operator a valid Peay Pickup card and a valid Govs I.D. card.

Residence Life and Dining

Q. What are on-campus housing options for enrolled students?

A. The following link lists on-campus options for students: www.apsu.edu/housing/apartments-residence-halls.

Q. Do students have a curfew?

A. There is no curfew. Students may come and go as they please, although certain outside doors are locked at specified hours. Students need to carry their ID cards and keys with them at all times.

Q. Where can I find the answers to all of my questions about Housing?

A. Contact Housing/Residence Life and Dining Services at 931-221-7444.

Q. During vacations and breaks, may students stay in their residence hall?

A. Residence halls remain open during the Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Break periods. Special housing arrangements may be offered for other break periods but the University reserves the right to make such determinations on a break-by-break basis. There will be a daily charge for occupancy during specific break periods.

Q. What do students do if they get locked out of their residence hall?

A. If your student gets locked out they should contact an RA (resident assistant) or Campus Police.  Students should always keep his/her Govs I.D. with them so they can confirm access. Signs are hanging up in each hall to know who to contact at which time.

Q. Are students who live on campus required to purchase a meal plan?

A. If the student lives on campus, per their housing agreement, they must purchase a Meal Plan. If the student is a first-time Freshman, they have four options to choose from: The Unlimited Access Plan or either the 19, 14 or 10 meal per week.  

Q. What are the dining options on campus after regular hours?


Keeping in Touch

Q. How can I send my student a card or package?


Your Student's Name
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Other Questions?

Please contact us, we are here to support you and your student!  

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