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2023-24 Student Handbook 

Academic Services

handbook academic section

The Academic Services section includes the following:

Academic Affairs, Browning 109, 931-221-7676

The Office of Academic Affairs provides leadership, professional development, services and resources to promote a dynamic teaching and learning environment grounded in academic excellence. Under the leadership of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Office of Academic Affairs focuses its efforts on the achievement of the goals and objectives set forth in the University’s strategic plan. Ultimately, the office strives to enhance student success at Austin Peay through the quality of our academic programs, the distinction of our faculty and the innovation of our academic support services.

The office oversees the University’s colleges and academic programs, including: the College of Arts and Letters; College of Behavioral and Health Sciences; College of Business; Martha Dickerson Eriksson College of Education; College of Graduate Studies/Research/Extended and International Education; College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM); Felix G. Woodward Library; Enrollment and Student Achievement; Office of Senior Vice Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs; and University College.

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Academic Notify, Ellington 207

Academic Notify is a web-based, early-alert system used to notify students on how to address problems they may be having in class. Alerts are submitted by faculty members who are concerned that a student is in academic jeopardy due to issues such as poor class attendance, tardiness, lack of participation, incomplete assignments and/or poor performance on quizzes and tests. Alerted students are notified through APSU email and asked to contact the Office of Undergraduate Persistence to discuss the alert; students may also receive a phone call, a letter or additional emails from the academic recovery staff. Recommendations to support and enhance the opportunity for academic success of alerted students may include tutoring, improving study skills and/or personal counseling. For questions regarding an academic alert, please call (931) 221-7152 or email persist@apsu.edu

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Academic Honesty

Austin Peay State University strives to promote values and attitudes that are reflective of solid academic character and integrity. All students are expected to complete their own work, conduct research and author assignments independently of others (unless specifically authorized to work together by your respective faculty). Academic integrity is the cornerstone of any student’s educational experience. When students participate in behavior that is considered academic misconduct, the scholarly value of their education is diminished.

Academic misconduct is defined as the following:

Students should be aware that a violation of the University’s Academic Misconduct Policy can result in disciplinary action which could include failure for an assignment, failure for an entire course, probation, suspension or expulsion from the University. If students are not certain whether a practice would be considered academic misconduct, they should always consult their instructor.

For additional information, see Student Academic Misconduct Policy: 3:005.

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Appealing University Decisions

Any student may appeal the assessment, application, calculation, collection or interpretation of any University fee, charge, deposit or refund. To learn more about the appeals process, please refer to pages 90-91.

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APSU Ann R. Ross Bookstore, 328 College Street, 931-221-6701

Operated and managed by Barnes & Noble College, the bookstore provides course materials and other items to support students’ academic careers, including study guides, notebooks, backpacks, electronics, spirit items, apparel and much more.

Services Offered:

The Clarksville campus bookstore includes a Barnes & Noble café serving Starbucks, close parking options, visitor parking, a traffic light/crosswalk and other general services.
The bookstore also provides services at the SSG Glenn H. English Jr. Army Education Center at the Fort Campbell Center.

For more information, please visit www.apsubookstore.com.

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Cancellation and Withdrawal from Class, 931-221-7150

Not attending class does not remove the student from the class, relieve students from their financial obligations or entitle them to a refund. Students who withdraw before the first day of class will not incur tuition liability. Students receiving financial aid should meet with the financial aid counselor prior to withdrawal. Students will be responsible for charges in accordance with the refund schedule on the academic calendar.

Students who confirmed their registration must withdraw officially from the University if they decide not to attend APSU. Official withdrawals must be completed online in AP OneStop. For questions regarding withdrawals, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 931-221-7150.

Withdrawal from the University may require repayment of financial aid, loss of lottery scholarship eligibility and/or loss of VA benefits. 

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Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend class regularly, to participate in class and to be prepared with assignments. The University requires faculty to report students who have never attended or who stopped attending class. The impact of class attendance on the final grade is within the purview of the teaching faculty, and faculty will inform class members of their attendance policies through a course syllabus distributed at the beginning of the semester or term; however, failure to attend grades are based on the set criteria below. Irregular attendance may result in a referral to the Office of Undergraduate Persistence (Academic Notify). 

Unless the student is officially representing the University off-campus, the discretion of the instructor determines the action regarding missed exams or work. Class absenteeism that results in the grade of “FA” (failure: stopped attending and reported within 14 days of the last date of attendance) or “FN” (failure: never attended and reported within the first 14 days of class) may adversely affect the student’s time status, and financial aid repayment of lottery scholarship and/or veteran’s benefits. 

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Full-Time Class Load

The basic unit of all college work is the “semester credit hour.” For undergraduate students, twelve (12) semester hours for fall or spring semester is considered a full-time course load for the purposes of veteran status, financial aid, insurance eligibility and more (to determine your eligibility for the Clarksville campus or the Austin Peay Center at Fort Campbell, please visit the Financial Aid website at www.apsu.edu/financialaid.) However, the usual load for a full-time undergraduate student is at least 15 semester hours. Because the summer term is approximately one-third the length of the semester, the workload for one course is three times as heavy. APSU strongly recommends students register for no more than six (6) semester hours in each summer term. Graduate students who enroll for eight (8) hours during the semester are considered full-time.

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Computers and Printing

For a listing of computer labs and information visit this link. Computers are available for use in the Woodward Library. The Pharos Print Center in the Woodward Library enables students to send print jobs quickly and securely from any computer or mobile device to any library printer. Students have two hours to retrieve the print job once it has been submitted. To release the print job on the print station, students will need their Govs ID. Students have limited, preloaded funds for printing on their Govs ID each semester. For more information, refer to the Pharos Printing Guide in the library.

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Dean’s List

At the end of each specific semester/term, a list of honor students, known as the Dean’s List, is published.

To qualify for this distinction, the student must earn at least 12 credit hours with a minimum semester/term GPA of 3.50 in an individual term OR any combination of consecutive spring terms OR any combination of consecutive fall terms.

Courses taken on the Pass-Fail grading system will not be included in hours earned for purposes of the Dean’s List.

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Distance Education (Online Classes, Technology, Learning), 931-221-6625

Distance Education supports learning, teaching, and technology in the online environment, which impacts online, hybrid and face-to-face courses. Our staff manages and provides resources and training on several technologies used while learning at APSU, including the D2L online classroom, Tutor.com online tutoring, Zoom web conferencing, Examity and Honorlock online proctoring, YuJa media management, SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator and Turnitin academic writing integrity tools.* Students may encounter one or more of our supported tools in any course. Besides direct support to students,
we also collaborate with faculty to improve course quality, technology integration, and design.

Distance Education staff can assist you with any of the technologies listed above or with general questions about online learning. Our support desk, Distance Education Support, can be reached Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at online@apsu.edu or 931-221-6625. Additionally, our Distance Education website, www.apsu.edu/online, has a wealth of information, including an introduction to online courses guide, technology training resources, FAQ, helpful tips and much more.

Important Tips to Get Started

Access to courses in D2L will begin two business days before the official start of classes. Log into your online courses the first day and continue to check them daily. Online courses are not self-paced; courses begin and end on specific dates and classwork has assigned deadlines. Refer to the syllabus posted within each course for more information about the course format and deadlines. Stay up-to-date on assignments. As an online learner, it is your responsibility to manage your time and keep track of assignment due dates. Reach out to faculty and use academic support resources as much as needed to stay successful in your courses. Stay connected with APSU and your online classes by downloading the PeayMobile and D2L Pulse apps.

*Turnitin notice and information for students: Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process and provide personalized feedback. Individual instructors determine whether Turnitin is used in their courses and for which assignments. When used, Turnitin is integrated into the D2L online classroom and processes assignments that are submitted through the D2L Assignments tool. All required papers may be subject to submission for textual similarity review to Turnitin for the detection of plagiarism. All submitted papers will be included as source documents in the Turnitin.com reference database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism of such papers. Use of the Turnitin.com service is subject to the usage policy posted on the Turnitin.com site. If you have general questions about Turnitin, please contact Distance Education at online@apsu.edu. If you have questions about the use of Turnitin within a course, please contact the instructor. 

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Graduate School/College of Graduate Studies, McReynolds 119, 931-221-7662

Austin Peay State University offers numerous graduate degrees and certificate programs that afford greater career opportunities and global reach. Across the country, graduate degrees are becoming increasingly commonplace expectations for highly sought-after careers. APSU’s graduate programs will empower students with he knowledge and skills to adopt an aggressive and entrepreneurial mindset to succeed in ever-changing industries.

Advantages to consider: Many online programs can be completed in one year; no specific undergraduate degree requirement for some graduate programs; no GRE or GMAT requirements for selected programs; some programs offer eight week sessions; small class sizes allow for personalized learning; quality faculty members are committed to ensuring student success; graduate students enjoy collaborative relationships among peers while pursuing educational and professional goals. Graduate programs of study include Executive Certificate, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Professional Science Masters, Certificate and Doctoral degrees.

Financial opportunities are available to reduce the cost of investing in your education, including the Diversity Fellowship Grant and Graduate Assistantships. In addition to participating in valuable teaching, research and work opportunities, graduate assistants receive tuition assistance and stipends. For more information on graduate programs and financial assistance, visit www.apsu.edu/grad-studies.

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Graduation, Registrar’s Office, Ellington 316, 931-221-7150

Students who will complete all degree requirements must apply for graduation. Visit www.apsu.edu/commencement for detailed information about graduation and application for degree deadlines.

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Honors Program, Honors Commons, Memorial Health Building, 931-221-7403

The Honors Program is designed to challenge students with an interdisciplinary curriculum, provide opportunities for creative exploration and individual development and help them build friendships with high-achieving peers. The program requires motivated students to fulfill a minimum of 25 hours of honors-designated courses, including a senior thesis. There is also a non-thesis option. Admission to the program requires a 3.5 GPA or 25 ACT score. Students in the Honors Program must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25. To apply, visit: https://www.apsu.edu/honors/apply.

Honors Program students have additional scholarship opportunities and 24-hour access to the Honors Commons, which includes computers, printers, study areas, a classroom, a library and areas for socialization. For more information, visit www.apsu.edu/honors or contact Dr. Tim Winters at honors@apsu.edu or 931-221-7403.

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Learning Resource Center/Tutoring, Marks 124, 931-221-6550

The Learning Resource Center supports student success by offering one-on-one peer tutoring in most undergraduate classes. Subject-specific workshops and testing services are also available through the LRC.

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Library, Information and Checkout Desk: 931-221-7346

The Woodward Library provides comprehensive services and support to meet all of your information needs. Whether you're a student, faculty or staff member at APSU, you can take advantage of the various resources and amenities offered by the library.

One of the key features of the Woodward Library is its online accessibility. You can conveniently log in to the library from any location with internet access and utilize Peay Search, a powerful search tool that allows you to find a wide range of materials and resources. This ensures that no matter where you are, you can still make the most of the library's offerings.

Within the library premises, you'll find the Library Information Commons and the Library Instruction Room, which provide access to computers when they're not being used for instructional purposes. Additionally, the library offers laptops that you can check out for the entire semester, providing flexibility and convenience in your studies.

In addition to these technological resources, the library also offers a variety of services. You can borrow books and DVDs free of charge, take advantage of the Text for Vets checkout program, utilize reserves for high-demand materials and make use of group study rooms and study spaces. For materials not available at the Woodward Library, interlibrary loan and document delivery services are available, ensuring you can access resources from other libraries.

The Woodward Library also caters to specialized interests with its specialty collections. These collections include the Dorothy Dix Collection, the Robert Penn Warren Collection and Clarksville photographs, offering unique resources for research and exploration.

Furthermore, the library manages ASPIRE, APSU's digital repository, which collects, preserves and distributes materials created by faculty, staff, and students. This repository serves as a valuable platform for sharing and accessing scholarly and creative works.

When you visit the library, you'll find additional facilities and services to enhance your experience. A lactation room is available for mothers, ensuring a comfortable and private space. The Writing Center provides support for improving your writing skills, Govs Print offers printing and copying services and Starbucks is available for refreshments.

Librarians at the Woodward Library are always ready to assist you in finding, evaluating and utilizing information necessary for your research and paper writing. They can provide research assistance through appointments, both in-person and through various communication channels such as email, chat, text, phone, and video chat. The library also prioritizes student instruction, offering online tutorials, library instruction classes and one-on-one guidance to help you develop your research and information literacy skills.

Finally, the library website at library.apsu.edu serves as a gateway to a vast array of print and electronic resources. You can access a wealth of information and scholarly materials, including books, journals, databases and more.

The Woodward Library is dedicated to ensuring your success and enhancing your learning experience at APSU.

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OneStop, onestop.apsu.edu

Students may register, pay fees, add or drop classes, view grades, check APSU email, request student transcripts and obtain information on admissions, financial aid, veteran services, housing, testing, opportunities, important dates, official communication and more by accessing OneStop. To log in, go to onestop.apsu.edu and enter your APSU username and password. Students may access Self Service through OneStop by clicking on the “Web Self Service” tab.

If you have trouble logging in, contact the GOVSTECH Help Desk at govstech@apsu.edu or call 931-221-4357 (HELP). Please check OneStop regularly for important Austin Peay announcements and information.

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Program Licensure Disclosure

Effective July 1, 2020, the Department of Education has enacted Regulation 34 CFR 668.43 (a) (5) (v) requiring colleges and universities to disclose licensure program eligibility in all U.S. States and Territories. A comprehensive listing of licensure programs offered at APSU and the appropriate state licensure information and supporting links can be found at the web address at the end of this section. 

Students should be aware that licensure and certification requirements vary from state to state and are subject to change. Licensing agencies or boards may also have requirements in addition to an earned degree. APSU has listed each program and whether it currently meets or does not meet the requirements for licensure for each US state or territory at the link below. APSU recommends that students who are not Tennessee residents or who plan to seek licensure or certification outside the state of Tennessee contact the appropriate licensing agency or board before they enroll in an academic program designed to lead to licensure or certification, and discuss their plans with an advisor.

Students seeking a degree in one of the APSU programs found at the following link need to disclose any updated address information to the University within 14 days of relocation. This disclosure will allow APSU to update information in student records and notify the student about licensure or certification requirements relevant to the student’s new state or territory of residence.

For additional information please visit: https://apsu.edu/program-licensure-disclosures/index.php

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Registrar’s Office, Ellington 316, 931-221-7150

The Office of the Registrar, located in the Ellington Building, maintains student academic records (courses, grades, GPA, transcripts, course substitutions, change of majors, etc.) and coordinates registration. They offer a variety of student services, including: registration assistance, verification of enrollment, loan deferments, transcript services, address and official name changes, questions related to graduation and course transfer equivalency. If you have any questions or comments, please contact them at registrar@apsu.edu or call 931-221-7150.

The Office of the Registrar is also responsible for the following:

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Registration and Advisement

Students are assigned a faculty or professional advisor at the time of initial enrollment. Students can see their academic advisor’s name in OneStop on the academic advising page. The advisor helps students clarify personal goals, career options, courses of study, program requirements and educational needs. While the advisor assists the student to identify and assess the alternatives and the consequences of academic decisions, academic choices rest with the students. Each department and college have policies specific to advisement. Students who have not declared a major will be assisted in choosing an academic focus and appropriate core courses by student success coordinators. Freshmen will be assigned to a professional academic advisor, either in their college or with Student Success. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be advised by the department of their declared major.

Currently enrolled students may use this checklist as a brief summary of registration requirements. There is also a checklist available on the Registrar's website at https://www.apsu.edu/registrar/register. During or before the designated preregistration period:

Type of Hold Office to Contact
Financial Aid debt Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships
Balance due to the University Student Account Services
Graduate maximum hours Student’s Graduate College Coordinator
Health Services fees due Student Account Services
Library fines/overdue books Library
Traffic fines Student Account Services
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University Student Success, McReynolds 118, 931-221-6643

University Student Success assists freshmen and sophomore student with their transition into college life, managing academic transitions and accomplishing academic goals to complete their degree program. The department is committed to your holistic success inside and outside of the classroom. OSS offers professional academic advising to students who have earned less than 44 credit hours at APSU, except for business and nursing majors. In addition to freshmen academic advising, the office currently oversees the UNIV 1000 Freshman Seminar, College Possible Success Coaches and the Peer Leader program. Peer Leaders are upperclassmen that are assigned to UNIV 1000 and PASS 0900 courses to assist students with the transition to college life.

University Student Success is located in McReynolds Room 118 and can be reached at 931-221-6643 or studentsuccess@apsu.edu.

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Student Research and Innovation, McReynolds 118, 931-221-7881

The mission of the Office of Student Research and Innovation is to support the incorporation of research training in the areas of business, education, humanities, social sciences and STEM into the APSU experience as a means to engage, retain and promote students and their success. Our purpose is to connect students with different opportunities that will help them pursue research and creative activities. The Office of Student Research and Innovation arranges several research events which include various projects completed by our undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty members. For more information about research opportunities, visit www.apsu.edu/osri

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Study Abroad and International Exchange, International White House, 325 Drane St., 931-221-6851

The Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange prepares APSU students to be knowledgeable about the world, gain experience with intercultural communication and become equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in an international society. The office also serves incoming international students and scholars.

Studying abroad is an opportunity to explore the world and gain resume-building experience while earning college credits. These experiences allow students to acquire knowledge of the world and to grow both academically and personally. Programs range from one week to a full year and can take place in the fall, winter, spring and summer semesters. Students can participate in faculty-led, consortium, third-party or exchange programs.

Students will earn between three to eight APSU credit hours on short-term programs (1-6 week programs). Students will earn at least 12 credit hours if studying abroad or away (U.S. exchange program) for a semester. Some programs offer service-learning or volunteering opportunities.

APSU students can also benefit from international programs by participating in the Bridge Program, a peer-mentor group that consists of both international exchange and domestic students enrolled at APSU. It is designed to help international exchange students explore American culture and history while teaching domestic students about the culture and history of their countries.

Find out more about our programs, scholarships and the experiences of student participants by visiting www.apsu.edu/study-abroad-exchange or by emailing internationaled@apsu.edu.

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Testing Services, Marks Building, Room 120, 931-221-6269

The Academic Testing Center offers ACCUPLACER, ACT On Campus, CLEP, and TEAS exams. The center is also a fully funded DSST test center, offering DSST exams for free for eligible active-duty military members. For more information or to schedule a testing session, visit www.apsu.edu/testing.

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Transcripts, Ellington 316, 931-221-7150

Students may request their academic transcript online through AP OneStop at onestop.apsu.edu, by mail, or in person at the Office of the Registrar, Ellington Building, Room 316. An electronic PDF transcript may be requested directly through Parchment. For more information, please visit www.apsu.edu/registrar.

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TRiO Student Support Services, Ellington 337, 931-221-6142

TRiO Student Support Services is a federally funded program established to provide Pell Grant eligible, first-generation and/or disabled college students with individual academic services and a supportive environment. In order to participate in TRiO Student Support Services, one or more of the following must be met based on the legislative requirements of the U.S. Department of Education: family income meets published federal guidelines (Pell Grant eligible), neither parent earned a four-year college degree (first generation), referred by the Student Disability Resource Center (disabled); or the student must demonstrate an academic need and potential to benefit from the services.

Application forms are available in the Ellington Building, Room 337, and can be downloaded from www.apsu.edu/sss. All services of TRiO Student Support Services are free to eligible participants.

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Tutoring, 931-221-6550

The Learning Resource Center provides free tutoring to help students achieve their educational goals. Tutoring is offered in person and online to accommodate student schedules. In-person and online tutoring at the Clarksville campus can be scheduled by visiting our website at apsu.edu/lrc, emailing learningctr@apsu.edu or calling 931-221-6550. 

Free online tutoring is available 24/7 to undergraduate students through Tutor.com. Log into D2L, select the course you need help with, click "Resources" and then choose "Tutor.com 24/7." This will connect you to Tutor.com and a tutor in the subject area you requested. These online tutors are from across the country.

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