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Austin Peay State University Rules

Tennessee law requires the University to adopt Rules through an administrative process, in general, when the subject of the rule affects private rights or privileges available to the public.  The general process to adopt a permanent rule includes the following: a public hearing on the proposed rule, approval by the University Board of Trustees, review by the Attorney General, filing with the Secretary of State, and review and approval by the Government Operations Committee of the Tennessee State Legislature.  The following APSU Rules have been approved through the appropriate administrative process: 

0240-05-01 - Traffic and Parking Regulations

0240-05-02 - Student and Student Organization Conduct and Corrective Actions

0240-05-03 - Use of University Property

0240-05-04 - Access to Public Records

0240-05-05 - Classifying Students In-State and Out-of-State

0240-05-06 - Title IX Compliance

The APSU Rules can also be found on the Tennessee Secretary of State’s website at: https://publications.tnsosfiles.com/rules/0240/0240.htm