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Numerical Policy Index

There are two indices of policies accessible on this Website, numerically listed by policy number and alphabetically listed by subject. Both indices are updated immediately following the President's approval of a new policy, revision of a policy, and or deletion of a policy.  The nine major divisions of Policies are as follows: 0:xxx Policy Administration, 1:xxx Governance, Organization, and General, 2:xxx Academic Affairs, 3:xxx Student Affairs, 4:xxx Business and Finance, 5:xxx Personnel, 6:xxx Nondiscrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct; 7:xxx Advancement and Communications and 8:xxx Athletics. 

The University has a limited number of public access licenses for PolicyTech. If you receive an error page while attempting to view a policy, please try again later.

0:xxx   Policy Instructions
1:xxx   Governance, Organization, and General Policies
2:xxx   Academic Policies
3:xxx   Student Policies
4:xxx  Business and Finance Policies
5:xxx  Personnel Policies
6:xxx  Nondiscrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct
7:xxx  Advancement and Communications
8:xxx  Athletics