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2023-24 Student Handbook

Cover of the 2022-23 Student Handbook & Calendar

Click to download the 2023-24 Student Handbook & Calendar

The APSU Student Handbook includes important dates, university services and locations, the Code of Student Conduct, student rights and responsibilities and more.
The 2023-24 Student Handbook is available exclusively online in both PDF and text versions. 

The Student Handbook is produced by Student Affairs Programs and Student Publications, part of the Division of Student Affairs. We are grateful to the Office of Public Relations for their assistance.

IMPORTANT: About This Handbook

The policies, procedures and programs of APSU are continually reviewed. Every effort is expended to ensure this handbook represents accurate information at the time of publication, but it cannot be guaranteed that information contained herein will not change. This handbook does not constitute a contract between the University and the student. APSU may cancel or revoke any part of this handbook without notice. The University reserves the right to make changes as required or as needed to dates, programs, events, policies and regulations and rules, as well as determine the effective date for such changes. Failure to read this handbook does not exempt students from following regulations, requirements, procedures and policies described herein.