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2023-24 Student Handbook

APSU Campus Security

A shot of Browning Building through leaves

APSU maintains a 24-hour dispatch service accessible by telephone (931-221-7786), emergency (911) and is always open for walk-in service (Shasteen Building). Officers patrol the campus by automobile and on foot 24 hours a day. The Department of Public Safety is open 365 days a year. Department regulations state that when a person applies for assistance or advice or makes complaints or reports, either by telephone or in person, all pertinent information shall be obtained in an official and courteous manner and will be properly and judiciously acted upon consistent with established departmental procedure.

The campus and facilities of the University are restricted to students, faculty, staff, guests and invitees of the University, except when part or all of the campus, its buildings or facilities are open to the general public for an approved and designated time and purpose. Campus facilities include all on-campus buildings and off-campus buildings owned or controlled by the University or student organizations recognized by the University. For specific information on access to facilities and key control, refer to APSU Policy No. 4:007.

All persons using campus facilities, including faculty, staff, guests and invitees, shall be subject to all rules and regulations of the University, which are applicable to the conduct of students on campus and to all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. The Department of Public Safety conducts ongoing surveys of outdoor lighting and reports problems directly to Physical Plant.

The Department of Public Safety also conducts surveys of the campus for hazardous conditions and reports problems directly to Physical Plant. In addition, the Department of Public Safety personnel routinely report all unsafe or potentially unsafe conditions found to exist on campus. In the event of a hazardous or unsafe condition, steps are taken to ensure the safety of the University community. There are commissioned officers employed by the Department of Public Safety. Their training consists of a basic police academy which meets the requirements of the Tennessee Police Officers Standards and Training Commission and an annual in-service training session of 40 hours, which also meets Tennessee P.O.S.T. requirements.

APSU Campus Police are commissioned as peace officers by the president of APSU as provided by state statutes. The commission authorizes officers to enforce laws on the campus and provides officer status on University property and streets contiguous to the campus. The Department of Public Safety has a close working relationship with municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The Clarksville Police Department offers close support by patrolling surrounding neighborhoods and may investigate major crimes on campus. The Fort Campbell Installation Provost Marshal Office (Military Police at Fort Campbell) provide similar support at the APSU Center at Fort Campbell.

All members of the University community are encouraged to report all criminal activity and other suspicious activity to the Department of Public Safety. Security awareness and reporting procedure presentations are made to all incoming students and new employees during orientation sessions. Should the University acquire any new facilities at remote locations that come under the purview of these laws, arrangements will be made with local law enforcement agencies to provide required crime statistics. These will be distributed annually to facility users to alert them to potential criminal activities. The Student Handbook contains a statement encouraging students to contact the Department of Public Safety regarding criminal activity. Other methods to encourage prompt reporting of criminal activity include distribution of newsletters, memorandums, newspaper articles, posters and other media. A list of off-campus student organizations and their addresses are provided regularly to the Clarksville Police Department. They have agreed to forward reports of any criminal activity at these locations to the Department of Public Safety at APSU. Crime prevention programs including a program to engrave identification numbers on valuable items, assault awareness presentations and videos providing information regarding methods to prevent crimes are used on a regular basis. Other information on crime prevention is regularly distributed to students and employees through newsletters, memorandums, campus newspapers and posters.

Statistics for all campus crimes will be published on an annual basis in the time frames required by federal and/or state law and will be available at the Office of Public Safety or online at www.apsu.edu/police/crime.