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Parking & Safety

Campus Police can be reached at 931-221-7786.

The Clarksville Campus parking map can be viewed at www.apsu.edu/police/parking.

Campus Police - (931) 221-7786
The Campus Police department works together with the University community and is committed to making campus a safe and secure place. The department provides multiple safety services and crime prevention programs to enhance the safety and quality of life at APSU.


All vehicles parked on APSU's campus must be registered in the APSU parking portal. This includes both those who are affiliated with university (student, faculty, staff) and those who are not affiliated (visitors). APSU uses License Plate Recognition to identify vehicles parked on campus. The cost of student parking is included in the student access fees.    

Students may access the parking portal here using their APSU credentials without the @apsu.edu or @my.apsu.edu as their username. Those who are not affiliated with the university will create a login by following the Guest Login link. Please note that authentication may take up to one minute. 

Students must park in the appropriate color coded lots. Violations will result in parking tickets. Commuter students are assigned to green lots, and resident students are assigned to silver lots. Lots marked black are open parking, and any color decal may park there. Blue parking is ADA only and must display a blue decal. Violations in these spaces will result in a $200 fine. The following represents the color-coding system for parking on campus:

*Visitor and 30-minute parking spaces will be labeled as such. The APSU parking regulations and map can be found at www.apsu.edu/parking.

Campus Transportation: The Peay Pickup Shuttle and Clarksville Transit Buses
Through a partnership with the Clarksville Transit System (CTS), APSU provides students free transportation around campus via the Peay Pickup shuttle and free transportation around the city on CTS buses.

CTS operates two Peay Pickup shuttle routes from 7:30 a.m.-7 p.m., Monday-Friday, through final exams each semester. The Peay Pickup routes run on the north and south side of the campus, with Marion Street being the dividing line. Each shuttle takes approximately 5-6 minutes to complete a route circuit. Students must have their Peay Pickup card and Govs ID ready when boarding. Cards are distributed by Campus Police with parking decals. Students can flag the shuttle down or wait at a shuttle sign. Additionally, APSU students ride free on any CTS city bus with a valid Peay Pickup card and a valid Govs ID card. For route information, visit Routes | Clarksville, TN (cityofclarksville.com). CTS buses run from 4:30 a.m.-9 p.m. six days a week. The Transit Center can be reached at (931) 553-2429. There is no CTS service on Sundays.