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Online Resources for Students

Austin Peay State University offers many support services that students can access online. The university is committed to providing resources and support in a digital format. Please share this information with your student.

Academic Resources

Online Classroom Tutorials

Austin Peay State University uses D2L as the Learning Management System for our online classroom. D2L is designed to be clean, streamlined, and mobile-friendly to provide a user-friendly experience for students. Students can learn more about navigating the D2L online learning system here


ZOOM web conferencing is free for all APSU students. Students should become familiar with ZOOM and make sure they can log in to ZOOM as it may be used in their online courses. Learn more about Zoom here 

Virtual Peer Tutoring 

Peer Tutors are available to meet with students virtually. To schedule a virtual meeting with an APSU Peer Tutor students should email learningctr@apsu.edu and allow 24 hours for a meeting to be scheduled. 

Online Tutoring

Austin Peay State University offers an online tutoring service for current students through Tutor.com. This service supports students in a number of courses. Students can access Tutor.com through their D2L account by visiting the individual course, selecting "Resources" on the navigation bar and then "Subject-Specific Tutoring." Learn more about Tutor.com here.

The Writing Center

Students can submit their papers for feedback using the TurnItIn system through D2L. To use this service, students must register for the "Writing Center Paper Submission" course in D2L. Students can find directions on using this service here

APSU Woodward Library Online Services

The library has a number of resources available online including online article databases, research guides and video tutorials. Students can also ask a librarian for assistance by email, online chat, text or phone. Learn more about online library services here.

Technology Resources

Students will need regular access to a computer and reliable internet in order to be successful in online courses. 

Technical Support


Students should contact the GOVSTECH Help Desk by submitting a ticket below if they are unable to log in to OneStop, D2L, or AP Email.

GOVSTECH Ticketing System 

Contact information: govstech@apsu.edu or 931-221-4357

Distance Education Support

Students should contact Distance Education Support by submitting a ticket below if they experience technical issues with the D2L online classroom, Tutor.com online tutoring, LinkedIn Learning micro learning videos or Zoom web conferencing.

Distance Education Ticketing System

Contact information: online@apsu.edu or 931-221-6625


Tips for Student Success

When completing online coursework, it may be helpful for students to establish a routine. You can help your student develop positive habits by encouraging them to practice these tips for success.

  • Log in daily. Students should check D2L and their APSU email every day to receive updates from their professors. D2L and APSU email are accessed through AP OneStop.
  • Use available resources. There are many virtual resources available to APSU students including D2L tutorials, Tutor.com, Zoom, LinkedIn Learning, and the APSU Woodward Library online.
  • Create a workspace. Students need a comfortable space where they can focus on classwork. As a family member, you can help reduce interruptions and distractions if your student is completing coursework at home.
  • Schedule class time. Students should set aside a certain amount of time each day to complete coursework and stick to that schedule. In a household with multiple students or parents working from home, this may require some communication and planning ahead.
  • Plan ahead and stay organized. Staying organized is important for students in online courses as they will have to keep track of due dates and plan ahead to complete assignments and tests/quizzes. Students can use a calendar or planner to help them manage deadlines.
  • Ask for help. Professors are still available to help students even though classes will not meet in person. Students should reach out to professors when they have questions about coursework.
  • Review work. Even though students will turn in assignments online, they should still proofread written work and make sure it is free of errors before submitting it.
  • Take breaks. It is important for students to take breaks from classwork and studying. Going for a walk or having a healthy snack are great options for taking a break.
  • Stay positive.  You can help your student stay positive by offering your support and encouragement throughout this semester.