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Community School of the Arts Instructors

Amalia Wills
Amalia Wills | BFA in Studio Art | Ceramics
"I took my first ceramics class at Austin Peay in 2017 and fell in love with it. I enjoy the tactility and responsiveness of clay, and the gratification of watching a form change on the wheel."
Eboné Amos
Eboné Amos | MFA in Dance | Dance
"As an instructor, I am interested in individuality. My primary goal as an instructor is to cultivate an environment where my students can find validity in their dance abilities through exploration and self-discovery."
Jonathan Wheeler
Jonathan Wheeler | BS | Photography
"I think I realized that I had the passion of an artist when I would spend extensive hours in the darkroom developing my film or printing photos and it was the only thing I could think about constantly."
Shana Thornton
Shana Thornton | Writer and Owner of Thorncraft Publishing | Creative Writing & Yoga
"Both reading and writing have always been a big part of my life and my routines. Writing is a practice, and many parts of it become better with time and effort."
Rachel Qualls
Rachel Qualls | BFA | Visual Art
"My mom always encouraged me and my brother to draw and make things, so I think I knew I was an artist from the time I was very young. Middle school is when I knew I wanted to be an art teacher."


Joanna Grisham
Joanna Grisham | MFA | Creative Writing
"From my earliest memories, I was always creating characters and building worlds, but I didn’t know much about creative writing until I took an intro class in college. The first short story I ever wrote was in that intro class. My professor submitted it for a scholarship, and I won. I was shocked. I didn’t know anyone would care about anything I’d written. I had only ever written for myself."
Ayo Walker
Dr. Ayo Walker | PhD Performance Studies | Dance
"My older sister was a cheerleader and because I was her shadow and wanted to do everything she did, she would teach me all the latest dance steps and whatever cheers she would learn in practice. And when her team would come to our house and see me doing all their moves perfectly, they decided to make me their mascot/secret weapon at their cheerleading competitions. It worked! I would wait around the entire competition for them to put me on the floor for their final competitve routine and I would steal the show and we would win every time."
Alyssa Amos
Alyssa Amos | BA Theatre | Theatre
“Growing up a very shy kid, I found comfort in the stories and scripts I read, and absolutely fell in love with theatre as a form of storytelling and character building. If my favorite characters could be kind, brave, smart, outgoing- then so could I! Theater helped me grow into who I am today. My goal is to help guide younger folks to do the same.”