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Institute for the Public Humanities

The Institute for the Public Humanities (IPH) embodies the idea of the university as a center for humanistic inquiry to support the public good. We develop intellectual relationships between Austin Peay State University and the Middle Tennessee community by bringing people together for lectures, conversations, media, classes, events, and other engagement opportunities. By fostering the reciprocal relationship between the university’s scholarly studies and the community’s living history, we promote and provide programming focused on the human landscape of Middle Tennessee. 

The goals of the IPH are as follows:

  • To expand the university into the community through the study of local histories and cultures and to share that knowledge through public lectures, discussions, media, and community courses;
  • To expand the community of Middle Tennessee into the university by inviting guests and speakers to participate in and lead discussions and lectures; 
  • To expand training and programming for university students and faculty across disciplines in order to create and cultivate the Public Humanities. 

Podcast: The Humanscape of Clarksville

The Humanscape of Clarksville, a new Podcast series from the Institute for the Public Humanities. IPH, which is located in the College of Arts and Humanities and was established in 2021, is an excellent illustration of the university's role as a hub for humanistic investigation that serves the general welfare. Tune in monthly for episodes that focus on the humanities and what they mean to you, along with opinions from the general population.

Ways to listen:
iHeart Radio

IPH Fall 2023 Board

IPH Board Members:

Professor Kathy Lee Heuston, Coordinator

Dr. Tamara Smithers, Department of Art + Design
Professor Karen Bullis, Department of Communication
Dr. Patricia Halbeck, Department of Music
Dr. Dzavid Dzanic, Department of History & Philosophy
Professor David Ellison, Department of Communication
Professor Darren Michael, Department of Theatre & Dance
Dr. Florian Gargaillo, Department of Languages & Literature