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Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts

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Since 1985, the Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts (CECA, or "seek-ah") has been providing students, the Clarksville community, and the middle Tennessee region with engaging experiences through the Art + Design, Music, Theatre & Dance, and Creative Writing programs at APSU.

CECA provides undergraduate students with graduate-level experiences and internships that prepare them for the workplace or graduate school. In addition, CECA provides the talented faculty of the arts departments at APSU with research opportunities to enhance their professional growth.

All events offered by CECA are open to the community unless otherwise advertised.

CECA Mission:

  • CECA supports the creative arts in the University, the local community, and the Southeast region by sponsoring the creation, presentation, study, and research of significant and distinctive works of art. 

  • CECA provides an enriched environment conducive to the development of individual understanding and basic literacy in the creative arts disciplines through curricular and co-curricular arts education designed to meet the needs of the general university student, the arts major, the general public, and the professional artist.