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Book A Professor

Buzz Hoon adressing crowd

We invite you, teachers, counselors, principals, school systems, to connect with the professors of the College of Arts and Letters at APSU.

Many of our professors have always had good contacts within the school system community in Tennessee. They have regularly visited schools to share their expertise with teachers and students in high schools alike. Not all professors have such contacts, nor do all schools have relationships with our faculty.

Thus, the idea of Book A Professor was born. 

We invite you to contact us via the below form and actually book a professor in the field you are interested in. If it fits into the teaching and service schedule of the faculty you want in your classroom, then a time and date can be set.

Faculty from the College of Arts and Letters have volunteered to be ambassadors of their field in your school. They can’t wait to meet you and build relationships with your students.

Click on the Professor Profiles in the navigation to see who is available, then fill out the form below and send it to us. We can’t wait to connect with you.

Please provide multiple options