Winter Break Information for Housing Students
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Winter Break Information for Housing Students

Keep Your Keys

 Unlike most universities, Austin Peay allows our residential students the option to remain on campus throughout the Winter Break if they will continue with classes here in the Spring. This means our residential students do not have to turn in their room keys at the end of the Fall Semester. It also means they may continue to live in their rooms throughout the Winter Break. At no added cost to you or your student, remaining on campus for all or part of the winter break has proven a popular option for those students that must continue to work locally or participate in University-affiliated extracurricular programs.

 Your student still has to eat so we have partnered with our dining contractor to allow your student’s meal plan to continue to function throughout the winter break. Although we cannot continue to offer our full dining program over the break, you can visit our dining website at to view a calendar with our “Winter Break December Hours.” Your student can exchange their cafeteria meal credits for $5 towards a meal at either Subway or Einstein’s. At Subway, we made sure our students could exchange one cafeteria meal credit for a six-inch sub, chips, and a drink.

 We hope that providing these extended winter housing and dining options at no extra charge helps ease the transition from the Fall Semester to the Spring Semester.


Happy Holidays from APSU Housing.