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Written Notification of Right and Options

Any student or employee who reports an incident of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking, whether the incident occurred on or off campus, shall receive a written explanation of their rights and options as provided for under this policy.

These rights and options include the right(s) of a survivor to:

  1. Go to court, and to file a domestic abuse complaint requesting an order restraining your attacker from abusing you, and/or an order directing your attacker to leave your household, building, school, college, or workplace;
  2. Seek a criminal complaint for threats, assault and battery, or other related offenses;
  3. Seek medical treatment (the police will arrange transportation for you to the nearest hospital or otherwise assist you in obtaining medical treatment if you wish);
  4. Request the police remain at the scene until your safety is otherwise ensured;
  5. Request that a police officer assist you by arranging transportation or by taking you to a safe place, such as a shelter or a family or friend's residence; and
  6. Obtain a copy of the police incident report at no cost from the police department.