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Victim's Reporting Options

APSU strongly encourages individuals to report all incidents and violations of this nature to the Title IX Coordinator, law enforcement officials, and/or appropriate University officials in order for these incidents to be properly addressed and for victims to avail themselves of all the services and rights to which they are entitled.  

Any member of the APSU community can file a report with an appropriate University official. If a victim shares an incident of sexual misconduct with an appropriate University official, he/she needs to know that it is the University official’s responsibility to notify the Title IX Coordinator, or APSU Public Safety, of this incident immediately.

In addition, it is the victim’s rights to notify law enforcement and to be assisted by University officials in doing so. Thus, it is the victim’s right to decide whether or not to involve law enforcement. Declining the involvement of law enforcement does not prevent the victim from receiving assistance from the University. A victim also has the right to use the University’s procedures in addition to filing a criminal complaint.

Reporting Timeline:

Any individual may file a complaint of sexual misconduct at any time. Early reporting is encouraged to preserve evidence and provide the victim with information regarding rights, options, and resources available to them by this policy and federal/state laws.

Reporting Options:

1. Official Reporting:

All APSU students are strongly encouraged to make an official report of any incident of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator whether the incident occurred on or off campus. Official reporting initiates a course of immediate action and the University’s Student Code of Conduct process.  

The complaint can be filed directly with the Title IX Coordinator via a written statement or an appointment.  Once a complaint has been submitted, the Title IX Coordinator or a designee will conduct intake interviews and fact-finding interviews with appropriate parties involved and follow the processes outlined in the Student Code of Conduct Process.  Each complaint will be investigated promptly and appropriate corrective actions will be taken.

2.   Confidential Disclosure:

APSU also offers confidential reporting through Counseling Services to:

1) Weigh options and associated risks,
2) Discuss possible next steps, and
3) Obtain information about available resources and services.
No one is expected or required to pursue a specific course of action with this option.