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Latin American Studies Minor

2020-2021 Catalog Entry for Latin American Studies Minor

This interdisciplinary minor is designed to meet the needs of students interested in Latin American history and culture. It is hosted by the departments of History and Philosophy, Languages and Literature, and Political Science.

Required courses

HIST 3460 - Colonial Latin America 3

HIST 3470 - Modern Latin America 3

POLS 3470 - Latin American Politics 3

POLS 451A - Selected Topics with Latin American Focus 3

Select two courses from the following: 

ART 324X - Art History, Special Topics with Latin American Focus 3

GEOG 1030 - Geography of the Developing World 3

SPAN 304A - Study Abroad in Argentina 3-8

SPAN 3610 - Spanish-American Civilization I 3

SPAN 3620 - Spanish-American Civilization II 3

SPAN 3400 - Special Topics: Language, with Latin American focus 3

For more information contact: Dr. Osvaldo DiPaolo-Harrison, dipaoloo@apsu.edu or Dr. Greg Hammond, hammondg@apsu.edu.