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World Languages: German

Willkommen to the German program at Austin Peay State University. Make new friends, watch German films, switch to German video games, learn as much as possible about the multicultural, and dynamic community of German speakers all over the world. 

In the APSU German program, students will acquire advanced proficiency as well as an appreciation of language, literature, and culture of German-speaking countries over time. Naturally, in addition to Germany itself, we also focus on the other German-speaking nations to include Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, and Liechtenstein Our classes cater both to novice learners who start their journey into a new language as well as to heritage speakers who come to us with varying skill levels.

Germany itself is strongly interwoven with the global economy. German is one of the official languages of the European Union. As an industrialized nation with strong international ties and a pronounced export focus, Germany regularly places among the three largest exporters behind China and the USA in the annual World Trade Organization (WTO) ranking.


Germany has always fostered academic cooperation as part of its foreign policy. Academic exchange is a pillar of international cultural and educational policy. Key partners of the Federal Foreign Office are the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), along with the foundations of the political parties with an international focus.

Students who choose German as a major or minor alongside other fields of study such as Business, STEM, Political Science, Music, or Arts & Design will find open doors on the job markets. German language majors have career options in law enforcement, the hospitality industry, or as valuable members of the American corps of diplomats, working for consulates or embassies. In German-speaking countries cultural institutions such as Theatres, Opera houses, Ballets, etc. are heavily subsidized and offer many job opportunities for performing artists from all over the world.

World Language Concentrations

When you choose to major in German at Austin Peay State University, your learning experience will include coursework that focuses on German culture and conversation. The coursework will also strengthen your analytical skills as they apply to other fields of study.

You can expand your career opportunities by taking two years of foreign language and/or participating in a study abroad program. World language requirements are included in our Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programs, and international studies programs are available to all students.


Sample 4-year Course Plan

What World Language majors with German Concentrations Do After Graduation?

  • Translator
  • Interpreter
  • Global Government
  • International Business
  • German consulate member
  • Diplomat
Interested in becoming a teacher?
After completing your BA in German, enroll in the APSU Master of Arts in Teaching Program and begin your career as an educator.  The MAT program allows you to complete initial licensure requirements and a master’s degree concurrently.

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When you choose to major in German at Austin Peay State University, your learning experience will focus on the language and cultures of German-speaking countries. The coursework will strengthen your analytical skills as they apply to your other fields of study.

Expand your career opportunities by taking two years of German plus participate in a study abroad program. Accomplish this as part of the world language requirements for our Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programs. Become an alumn of our international studies programs, available to all students.

Hear what this Alumni has to say about his experience learning German at APSU!

Acquiring proficiency in German is more than just learning a language. You will add complex analytical skills to assess situations and navigate towards resolution in global environments.

Not surprisingly, our graduates thrive in a wide variety of careers. Our alumni have not only become high school teachers or college professors, as one might expect. They have also gone on to work in a variety of fields such as running industrial quality control lab, working in project management, IT in Germany. World languages serve as a gateway for a variety of careers, including international business, international law, law enforcement, military translators, and many others.