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Like other liberal arts programs, the English M.A. program is not a training ground for a specific profession, but rather may serve as a preparatory stage for a variety of careers. 

Our students include:

  • middle school and high school teachers who desire greater expertise in their teaching field;
  • those who aspire to academic careers and plan to enter an MFA or PhD program;
  • those seek non-academic positions in the business or managerial world, including positions in office management, editing, proofreading, technical writing, or other jobs in the publishing industry;
  • those who wish to enrich their lives through the advanced study of literature.

Your English M.A. degree should be seen as aiding you with any position that emphasizes analytical skills and finesse with language and will be viewed favorably by any employer who desires employees with proven communication skills. The advanced study of literature should also sharpen your perceptions and deepen your understanding in any occupation.