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The 2018 issue of the Red Mud Review is now available. The editors would like to thank all the writers and artists who submitted their work this year.






This issue's content is available below.

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Editors' Note and Table of Contents

Poetry - Matthew GIlbert "Inside the Branches"

Poetry - Lauren Cottle "Exploring Growth through Depravation"

Poetry - Micah McCrotty "Mountainbottom Removal"

Poetry - William Rieppe Moore "Last Rites for a Lame Bird a Few Days from Christmas"

Poetry - William Rieppe Moore "Squatting Against the House in an Old Place Renewing"

Poetry - Danielle Ladd "Ode to a Small Boy of Spring"

Poetry - Kelsey Adams "Highway Children"

Fiction - Mattison Pierce "Bad Trip"

Contributors' Bios