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Student Non-Academic Grievance Committee

Membership: 3 Faculty members, 3 Staff members (one of whom is from student affairs), 3 Students appointed by the president of the SGA, and the Director of Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action ADA Coordinator Deputy Title IX Coordinator (ex officio)

Description: The purposes of the committee are to:

  1. Hear student’s grievances and complaints about the actions and performances of University personnel in non-academic matters;
  2. Determine the validity of the grievance or complaint;
  3. Report their findings to the appropriate supervising authority; and
  4. Recommend action to be taken. 

(Approver: Vice President for Student Affairs)

2022-2023 Membership:

Name Area Department Service Term
Tim Leszczak Faculty, CoBHS HHP 2022-2023
John McConnell, III Faculty, CoE Education Specialties 2021-2023
Bettina Shank Faculty, CoBHS Nursing 2021-2023
Ashley Kautz Staff, Student Affairs Adult Non-Traditional Student Center 2022-2023
JJ White Staff, Academic Affairs Biology 2022-2023
Ajay Thompson Staff, Academic Affairs Student Success 2022-2023
Susan Conner Student Affairs Student Representative 2021-2023
Daniel Law Student Affairs Student Representative 2022-2023
Brooklynn White Student Affairs Student Representative 2021-2023
Sheila Bryant, Chair Director of EO/AA Office of Equity, Access & Inclusion ex officio

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the Student Non-Academic Grievance Committee, please contact: 

Sheila Bryant, ex officio
Email: bryants@apsu.edu