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Executive Council


The members of the Executive Council serve as the leaders of APSU's Student Government Association.  During the academic year, the officers are required to maintain five office hours in MUC Room 213 and have weekly meetings.  All Student Government Association programming, meeting planning, and initiatives are heavily dependent upon the work of the executive officers. The President, Vice President, and Executive Secretary are elected by the Student body, whereas the Chief Justice is chosen by a committee comprised of members of all three branches. These offices are renewed every Spring Semester for the next academic year. Officers are required to maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA and must have served for at least one year as a SGA representative. The Executive Council is committed to be the positive voice of the students at Austin Peay State University. Along with this office, all the members generally hold other distinct positions within different organizations on campus. SGA is advised by Dr. Leonard Clemons.

If you have any questions about the Executive Council, please email the President at cmoore98@my.apsu.edu


SGA President 2023
Campbell Moore Executive Council


Logan Sykes
Logan Sykes Executive Council
Vice President
SGA Secretary 2023
Zee Schumacher Executive Council
Executive Secretary
SGA CJ 2023
Michael Lobdell Executive Council
Chief Justice