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Staff Senate FAQ'S

Most questions are obtained from the anonymous form link. Answers will be found here for these questions.

Q: How is it fair that places like the link below can get promotions and new job titles/reclassifications when other people have asked for years. AND now we are told to wait for reclassifications until the latest compensation study is completed before asking for a reclassification, but yet again another department on campus is able to get reclassifications seemingly at any point.

A: Although past practice for Austin Peay State University was to freeze reclassifications and salary adjustments during compensation studies, there was no temporary freeze implemented on reclassification requests or salary adjustments during the FY23-24 compensation study currently in process. If there have been substantive changes on the level of duties and responsibilities of a position, the supervisor can submit a proposal to Human Resources requesting reclassification through the appropriate Senior Leader. The reclassification proposal must be submitted with the new or updated position description according to APSU Policy 5:036.

Q: Lot 7 is not properly managed and coded. Students continue to park on the staff side which makes it difficult for us to park in the area assigned for us that we also pay for. Will there be a plan to enforce the parking lot assignments or is this a “just deal with it” situation because it does not impact anyone across campus? Is there a chance we can bring back the parking tags like before? That worked better than a little car driving around every now and then giving tickets. Just curious as it is not been resolved or there is no published plan of fixing it. If it is not a concern, can staff and faculty stop paying for parking we do not really have assigned?

A: Citations are issued in lot 7, however, we do not always issue paper citations.  Enforcement has the option to either print or email the citations to parties deemed in violation. There are 10 color coded parking signs in lot 7 (1 at each entrance for a total of 4, 4 up high on light poles, 2 at the faculty/staff divide with arrows pointing to which side is commuter and which side is f/S). 

Faculty/staff are not required to pay for parking unless they want to access APSU campus parking lots. If the employee is on payroll deduction for parking and would like to stop the automatic withdrawal, they may do so in their OneStop. There is not a plan to bring back the old hangtags as we are progressing technologically.  The use of technology allows us better efficiency, effective use of the limited manpower we have, and better accuracy. In addition, the use of LPR allows us a more customer friendly approach; convenient payment, and a more streamlined account management.

We understand individuals may be frustrated with students who park out of zone.  We would like persons to realize that Parking can only do so much within reason.  We cannot make an individual park in a given location as all have free will.  We can, however, have measures in place for those who do not follow the parking rules and regulations; citations, booting, etc.  

As of this semester (Fall 2023) only, nearly $7,000.00 in citations have been issued in lot 7A/7B.

Q: Exiting campus from Home Street @ College: The timing on the traffic light needs to change, parking should not be allowed on the street, and a three way stop is needed at Home & West.

A: Traffic lights and street parking are determined by the city and APSU governance has no control over that. The concern was sent to the city, but anyone having this issue is encouraged to contact the City of Clarksville.

Q: Why is employee parking disrupted (mostly Lot 40 - Browning) for Gov's Orientation if the hosts don't intend to man it for student's and parent's to actually use? Could we provide a better experience for this event by allowing attendees to park in an overflow lot (21, 26, etc.) and then dedicate a Peay Pickup bus for transportation throughout the day? 

A: Rasheeda from Parking explained this would be more of a question for admissions. While they reserve the parking, they are not responsible for manning the lots or making sure that individuals are utilize these spots on the event day. 

Q: Why is our longevity issued on our pay check? Could we get a separate check for this? 

A: Payroll explains that they longevity pay, while listed on a regular paycheck is taxed separately at the supplemental tax rate. Also, it is not possible to have the longevity pay issued as a separate check.  If there are individual issues, that individual should reach out to payroll so they can take a look at their pay check stub to determine if there are any issues.