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Faculty Senate Staff Service Award

The Staff Service Award Committee announces the call for nominations in February, presents nominees to the Faculty Senate in March for a vote, and presents the award to the winner at the April Faculty Senate meeting.

Staff Service Award Criteria:

The staff member demonstrates excellence by contributing to the smooth operation of his or her unit, as well as the university in general, by performing the duties of his or her position in the following manner:

Award Winners:

2022-2023 Gena Shire, Academic Assistant to the Chair, Department of Art + Design

2021-2022 Jamie Gaither, Academic Assistant to the Chair, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

2020-2021 Scott Shumate, IT Analyst - Digital Services, Woodward Library

2019-2020 Cindy McElroy, Academic Assistant to the Chair, Department of Communication 

2018-2019 Greg Lane, Cadet Success Coordinator, Military Science & Leadership (ROTC)

2017-2018 Betty Leimer, Academic Assistant to the Chair, Computer Science & Information Technology

2016-2017 Beth Hoilman, Compliance Assistant Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

2015-2016 Susan Wallace, Managing Editor Zone 3

2014-2015 Jamie Cox, Administrative Assistant Education

2013-2014 Wanda McNabb, Administrative Assistant, Languages and Literature

2012-2013 Pamela Allen, Administrative Assistant, Department of History and Philosophy

2011-2012 Norma Jean Smith, Administrative Assistant, Music

2010-2011 Deborah Shearon, Administrative Assistant, College of Arts and Letters

2009-2010 Donna Liverett, Administrative Assistant, Chemistry

2008-2009 Beth Garza, Financial Support Specialist, Financial Aid