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Athletic Committee

Membership: 6 Faculty, 3 Administrative/Professional staff outside athletics, 2 ex officio (director of athletics and senior woman administrator in athletics), Director of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, 4 students recommended by the Director of Athletic Academic Services, Faculty Athletics Representative.

Description: The committee will regularly review issues associated with the welfare of student athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics in OVC and NCAA sports to ensure that the University and the Athletics Department maintain the proper balance between participation in athletics and academic achievement. The committee will prepare an annual report and other reports as needed, advising the president and the faculty senate of the athletic department’s performance with respect to its academic and athletic goals and with respect to the welfare of the student-athletes participating in OVC and NCAA sports. The committee will communicate the concerns of student-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics to the faculty senate and the university community, including the athletics department, the university administration, academic departments, the faculty as a whole, and other groups as warranted.  

NCAA Division I Manual Composition. Administration and/or faculty staff members shall constitute at least a majority of the board in control of athletics or an athletics advisory board, irrespective of the president or chancellor’s responsibility and authority or whether the athletics department is financed in whole or in part by student fees. If the board has a parliamentary requirement necessitating more than a simple majority in order to transact some or all of its business, then the administrative and faculty members shall be of sufficient number to constitute at least that majority. (Revised: 3/8/06).

(Approver:  Athletics Director)

2021-2022 Membership

Name Area Department Service Term
Cindy Taylor, Chair Faculty, Athletics Representative Biology Defined by Position
Don Dailey Faculty, CoSTEM Biology 2021-2024
Sarai Ward Faculty, CoBHS HHP 2021-2024
Charles Wallace Cross Faculty, CoAL History and Philosophy 2021-2024
Christopher Wright Faculty, CoBHS Criminal Justice 2019-2022
Thomas J. Buttery Faculty, CoE Education Specialties 2019-2022
John Schnettler Faculty at large, Director of Athletic Band Music ex officio
Kassie Stanfill Women's Softball Athletics 2021-2022
Lynn Fisher Staff, Finance and Administration Emergency Management 2021-2022
Zack Inman Staff, Student Affairs Housing 2021-2022
Sara Newton Staff, Finance and Administration Public Safety 2019-2022
Gerald Harrison Staff, Athletic Director Athletics ex officio
Lisa Varytimidis Staff, Senior Woman Administrator Athletics ex officio
Sheila Bryant Staff, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office of Equity, Access & Inclusion 2019-2022
Mikaela Smith Student by Dir AAS Student Representative 2021-2022
Anton Damberg Student by Dir AAS Student Representative 2021-2022
Alexis Osowski Student by Dir AAS Student Representative 2021-2022
Jacob Caughell Student by Dir AAS Student Representative 2021-2022

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the Athletic Committee, please contact: Cindy Taylor
Email: taylorc@apsu.edu