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outdoor education center

Located next to 259 York Street, the outdoor education center is a educational facility offering terraced seating for (currently 75 people) ultimately 120 people and presentation stage nestled among the wooded area between the low ropes course and SOS Victory Gardens. This space is reservable for teaching, trainings, presentations, and meeting but is not an event space.

Guidelines for OEC use:

  • This facility does not offer electrical outlets 
  • This facility does not offer lighting, therefore the facility is not available after dusk
  • This facility is located in a neighborhood, and with respect to our community, music is not allowed to be played at loud levels
  • Parking for this facility is located as street parking along York Street at the intersection with Georgia Ave
  • Use of this space does not include access or permission to use the low ropes course, victory gardens, or compost center.
  • Reservations can be made via the EMS program, visit the link here: https://austinpeayevent.emscloudservice.com/web/   click on 322 Home Ave, then click on Outdoor Education Center. 

In collaboration with a grant from the Bureau of Land Management, a native pollinator "patch" will be installed in Fall 2021 to encourage pollinators to visit the area for community observation. Community groups are encouraged to request and attend presentations on selected topics at the OEC starting in Fall 2021. 

Community Presentation Topics: 

  • Pollinators: General, Monarch butterflies, bees
  • Honey Bees
  • Household compost 
  • Leave No Trace
  • TN Native Plants 
  • Three sisters garden
  • Seed Saving

All program topics are appropriate for ages 16 and younger. To schedule a group visit, please email willsa@apsu.edu with your ideal dates, topics, and group description. 

above view of outdoor classroomstage view of outdoor classroomBenches at outdoor classroom