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There are many ways in which you can support our programs! 

Our S.O.S. Food Pantry & Green Room, Campus Kitchen, Alternative Break Trips, Victory Garden, and Chicken Sponsorships are all ways that you can help our programs financially. Monetary donations allow us to restock our pantry in times of emergency, our campus kitchen efforts, support a student traveling internationally to volunteer, and feeding our chicken brood.

How to donate:

Donations of in kind items: fresh, frozen and dry goods, gardening tools, seeds, soil, fertilizer. (see our wish list

Financial donations will support stocking the food pantry during times of high usage and fund thanksgiving and holiday box meals for APSU students and their families. 


Donate to the Food Pantry

There is just never enough space! When we designed the green room wall racks and storage, we went with a standard horizontal closet lay out but have found we need to make better use of our vertical space. We want to re-do our clothing and items storage so we can better offer items to students. 


Donate to the Green Room

Help keep volunteer trips affordable for our students as they cross the country helping communities in need. Your donations will help fund the transportation, lodging, food, and work supplies for these students.


Donate to ABTs

Financial donations will support supplies for meals and packaging for delivery to the Salvation Army teen program.

Shelf stable food items, to - go containers, food prep items, storage containers, food safety items such as thermometer, gloves, hair nets. 

For $50 you can sponsor one of our chickens for a year. Sponsor rights include: Name the chicken, a picture of chicken doing something awesome, and visitation rights.


Sponsor a Chicken

The Victory Garden has come a long way from its
original design but does not use the space available to its upmost potential. As part of our garden re-design, the garden beds will be replaced with cedar planks and irrigation system. The current garden beds are 4’ x 6’ and our new plan will extend the beds to 4’ x 42’ and include a sheltered growing structure to support year round access to fresh greens. Our students primarily are in school during the off growing season, so it would be beneficial to provide fresh vegetables during the winter months.

$650 = one garden bed (168 sqft)
$2,500 = all raised garden beds (672 sqft)
$3,000 = a covered hoop house (3,000 sqft) for year-round growing
$15,000 = a greenhouse (576 sqft)


 Donate to the Victory Gardens

thank you