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Smart Money Center 

Image on deciding how to spend money

The Smart Money Center, is an on-ground component of the Govs Smart Money financial wellness mentoring program. The mission of this program is to enhance student financial knowledge in order to empower their future. Located alongside the SOS Campus Food pantry, the Smart Money Center aims to provide a central location for information on non academic financial areas such as credit, loans, SNAP benefits, personal budgeting, FAFSA, and tax assistance. 

For in class presentations on the below topics, please contact Claire Layne at 931 221 6593.

  • Credit scores 
  • Credit report
  • Applying for credit cards | Soft and Hard Inquiries 
  • Identity Theft
  • Pay day loans
  • Auto loans
  • Mortgage
  • Title loans
  • APR interest rates
  • Land loans
  • Deferment vs. Forbearance

One on one budgeting coaching (coming soon)

  • Eligibility 
  • Application Process
  • EBT card allowed purchases
  • VITA Tax Assistance program (spring only)
  • How to read your W-1, I -9 forms 
  • FAFSA application process