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The ENGAGE Living & Learning Community provides a supportive environment for first-year students who have a passion for volunteerism and social issues. ENGAGE is founded on establishing leadership skills, creating a community for first-year students, and encouraging personal growth by giving back to their community.

Students choosing to live in the ENGAGE community will benefit from living in the same residence hall as other first-year ENGAGE students and taking the same UNIV 1000 course. Members will develop strong bonds and personal relationships with their peers while learning about & aiding the social issues present in the world, country, and our community. As an additional resource, members will have access to peer mentors from the ENGAGE Leadership Team, as well as the staff from the Community Engagement & Sustainability. The ENGAGE LLC meets weekly as a group for lessons, community service-projects, and family-style dinners.

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ENGAGE students will:

Living communities like ENGAGE create a cohort of students with common passions and interests. ENGAGE gives students the opportunity to share their experiences with each other.

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