Alternative Break Trips
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Alternative Break LogoOne of the most popular service opportunities at Austin Peay: Alternative Break Trips! Students have the opportunity to spend their breaks volunteering in other communities and having amazing experiences. Every trip has a theme, a student trip leader, and faculty/staff member. Trips are very affordable - never more than $100 for domestic trips and are all inclusive. Each trip includes an exploration day where volunteers explore the historical, natural, or cultural specialties in the area.




The mission of the Alternative Break Program is to engage students in meaningful and collaborative community service in an effort to increase awareness of social and environmental issues and strengthen the communities in which they serve as well as foster a strong sense of community among trip participants and to the university as a whole.

Learning Outcomes
  1. The student will be able to connect applied experiences derived from participation in alternative break trips with relevant knowledge acquired from exposure to course work from multiple academic disciplines.
  2. The student will be able to adapt and apply skills, abilities, theories, or methodologies acquired in classroom settings to address novel situations or problems in alternative break settings.
  3. The student will be able to demonstrate the ability to engage in meaningful self-reflection that leads to self-awareness and a sense of competence to effectively respond to new and challenging contexts.



Spend a week over Winter Break volunteering with All Hands and Hearts, an organization dedicated to disaster relief. 




January 4-13, 2019 | Trip costs - $100 | Application due - December 1, 2018


 Spend Winter Break volunteering and exploring New Orleans! This week will be spent assisting with organizations that specialize in issues such as homelessness and hurricane relief.

New Orleans

January 5-12, 2019 | Trip costs - $100 | Application due - December 1, 2018

 Join us as we return to Puerto Rico to continue our efforts in hurricane relief work. Puerto Rico is still in a state of devastation after Hurricane Maria, which hit in September of 2017. We will help them clear and rebuild one of their greatest attractions, El Yunque National Park! The trip will cost $650 with a $300 (part of the $650) deposit for those selected!

Puerto Rico poster highlighting images from a previous trip


June 22-29, 2019 | Trip costs - $650 | Application due - November 16, 2018

Complete the following application as thoroughly as possible. Any questions can be sent to At the bottom of the application, please choose the trip(s) you are applying for.

Important Information: Information regarding the trips will be distributed through e-mail. Please include your most frequently used e-mail address on the application. You will be expected to check your e-mail regularly for updates from your trip leader and other participants.

Minimum Eligibility and Conditions for Participation: Students must be in good conduct/judicial standing with the university and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Alternative Break Participant Expectations
The following is a list of minimum expectations; your individual trips leaders will discuss and formulate additional expectations as needed. By applying for the trip, it means you have read and understood the trip expectations.
  • Participate in pre-trip activities including group meetings, info sessions, or fundraising efforts.
  • Be fully engaged at a participatory level helping to plan and attend events associated with the trip and aspects of the trip's itinerary.
  • Maintain communication with trip leader including responding to e-mails and phone calls in a timely manner.
  • Become aware of relevant health and safety risks relevant to your destination.
  • All payments made to Alternative Break are non-refundable.


Updates on the application process will be sent through email. Please be sure to list an email that you check regularly.