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Office of Undergraduate Persistence

The Office of Undergraduate Persistence was established in January 2023 to support Austin Peay State University students on their path to graduation.

Path to Graduation

Your path to graduation will be unlike any other student's path. Your unique Austin Peay State University experience is what will define your future, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

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Austin Peay Experience

We oversee the Austin Peay Experience and Experience Grant which was established by the President's Enrollment Taskforce.

Austin Peay Experience includes: 

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Academic Notify

We oversee the Academic Notify system. This system helps students understand their current standing within the course, and gives the instructors the ability to let students know their progress.

Academic Notify includes: 

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Enhanced Courses

Students may need enhanced courses due to their academic placement. We recognize our students come from all over with different backgrounds, and with our Admissions team, we will work to ensure that you are placed in the correct Enhanced courses if you need them. Structured Learning Assistance model is what is used to support students academically in enhanced sections.  

You can challenge your academic placement in enhanced courses if you meet one of the following criteria: ACT/SAT score, AP course, IB course, Cambridge, Dual Enrollment transferred course(s), or university transferred course(s)

Academic Placement includes: 

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Academic Standing

We oversee the Academic Standing of Austin Peay State University students. We are here to help the students of Austin Peay State University as they travel down their path to graduation. If you find yourself on the Dean's List - we are here to help celebrate your success. If you find yourself in a rut and end up on Academic Probation or Suspension - we are here to help you repave your path to graduation

Academic Standing includes: 

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